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International Quilt Festival Houston
just about 2 months away! anyone going? I will set up a database for this year on if y'all want me to. Probably won't be there on Friday or Saturday. We already have about 3 things going on each of...
11 years ago 3
I'm getting a Longarm!
I went and did it! I ordered a demo Millenium. It's the one Dawn Cavanagh has been using to demo with. It should be here some time next week. Unfortunately, it's after the start of school AND I've...
11 years ago 15
Ping Polly
I saw on the TV News where people are being evacuated from the New Orleans area because of the hurricane. Please see to your pet alligators and keep them safe! Barbara in SC Thank you, Barbara. We're...
11 years ago 11
Store Samples Completed and pix (of the dogs, too)
I've spent the day doing bindings. Not fun! Except it means that everything is finished and finished is very good! finished a sweater for DS#1. It's been a good day. joan Just beautiful. Especially...
11 years ago 8
OT: Images of Mom
OT, but it sure hit home with me :) -Irene
11 years ago
Overgaard, AZ Quilt Show and other stuff
Hi Guys, Back in the Valley to get the SMDGD and take her back up the mountain with me tomorrow. I wanted to tell you all that I joined the quilt group up in the mountains and will be entering a quilt...
11 years ago 1
PING: Pati Cook or B'fly - meet & greet
Hi to you both, Pati -- I e-maild you several weeks ago about getting together but haven't heard back. I didn't e-mail or phone you B'fly because I don't know if you are home or on the road. Anyway, I...
11 years ago 1
2nd Shaker Quilt is finished
Here is the second of 2 reproduction 1850's Shaker Quilts. This one is made as a gift for my Sister-in law. The color, a butterscotch, is made to compliment a new living room chair set that she just...
11 years ago 2
Butterfly Kisses
across this just now and had to post the link for our Ms B to see. some others might also like it. i'm a fan of applique with some embroidery so this could well come in handy. post a comment on the...
11 years ago
Very Off Topic........ New Wiz "Book"
Some of you know that my DH, Rick is a writer. He has several books in print, of the "science fantasy" persuasion. 5 of these are in a series commonly called "the Wiz books". Back in 2000 he was...
11 years ago 5
OT thanks Leslie
Thanks Leslie for telling us about your new carpet cleaner. My old one wasn't doing such a great job, so I bought the Bissell. Love it. To test it, I vacuumed with the Dyson pet vac, and thought I'd...
11 years ago 3
ot - 3rd installment!
Time for Wednesday's laughs - Enjoy, jennellh Couple in their nineties are both having problems remembering things. During a checkup, the doctor tells them that they're physically okay, but they might...
11 years ago
Very OT: Virtual puppy
Sent by a friend, who knows I love dogs but cannot have one here. I have no idea how they do this: Click on site and TYPE IN a command and see what happens... sit, roll over, down, stand, sing, dance,...
11 years ago 7
Third Place Ribbon
Hi all Deb, the teacher that I made the quilt about Shakespeare and flowers for her retirement, needed some more of the notes sewed on the back so we met up to take care of that. So, I asked her if I...
11 years ago 13
Quilt Cad review
I am looking to purchase a program called Quilt Cad. Has anyone used it, did you like it? What are it's pitfalls? Is there a demo version somewhere that I can try? As a retired teacher I hate to buy...
11 years ago 1