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Squash Blossom Quilt
This is my next quilt block called Squash Blossom and is 18 inches squ are. I am doing mine in Native American colors of turquoise, native print t hat has several colors for the center. This quilt...
3 years ago 1
Does Barry trickett still travel about selling Liberty fabric? He used to come to Cornwall but have been unable to find anything recent about him. Can anyone help please? Deedee Does Barry trickett...
3 years ago 2
Jump Ring Quilt
If you go to Missouri Star Quilt Company and then scroll down to You Tube, then ask to see Jump Ring Quilt it will take you to the tutorial. Just follow the directions and watch Jenny. Question for...
3 years ago 10
Wonder Clips vs. portfolio clips
I am considering getting either Wonder Clips or Porfolio clips to use instead of pins, at least in some applications. I first looked into ordering them online from Joanns or Office Depot respectively,...
3 years ago 1
Sailboat Quilt and More
Where has everyone gone as my Christmas greeting was the last post?? Just finished a sailboat quilt for a boys bed. Think the pattern came from McCall's quilting. It had 4-half squares for the sails....
3 years ago 8
Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Right now I am taking a couple of months off on quilt making. This wi ll keep me from having a burnt out. Both of my sewing machines are in the shop for repair and cleaning. I feel like My right arm...
4 years ago 1
Merry Christmas to ALL
Happy Holidays to everyone! Barbara in SC
4 years ago
Pictures of quilt I am repairing
At my flickr account, , I just posted some pictures of the quilt I am repairing, in the first album, called quilt progress. I also put a comment under each one that describes what the picture is of. I...
4 years ago
weight of new home 445
I have a New Home 445, and I was wondering how much it weighs. It is from the early 60's I think. I have been unable to find its weight online. Based on how much it costs to ship one via UPS standard...
4 years ago 2
Rhoda E. Wicker's passing
I am Rhoda E. Wicker's daughter. I am writing back to follow up on previous , recent messages concerning her health. My mother passed away quietly, in her sleep, about two months from her admi ssion...
4 years ago 3
From Sea to Shinning Sea
This is my newest quilt and there were a lot of squares and rectangles to cut out. I used 5 different blues; light, medium and dark and 5 differe nt beige,cream and very light tans. When sewn together...
4 years ago 2
Lavender Love Quilt
This is the quilt I have just started on. My colors are different as I am using two prints that are the same but different colors. One a pale ye llow background print and the other light blue print....
4 years ago 4
Jumping for Joy or Rather Jumping for Floristas
This quilt is in Quiltmaker magazine Nov/Dec 2016 issue. They show it as a throw but I will make more blocks and am making it wider and longer. These are 9 inch blocks. Original shows frogs but I am...
4 years ago 2
Writing my name
I am not announcing that I finally learned how to write my name, I have known how to do that for several years now. However, I think that on the quilt I have talked about repairing, and am currently...
4 years ago 2
Concentric squares
On the quilt I am repairing, I am making "prototype squares," and what I mean is that I am working out the best/fastest way to replace the squares I am replacing. I have a presser foot that is for...
4 years ago 1