Baby Album Finally Finished

Now isn't that great that the pre-made baby album already has them thinking about photo shoots to come....LOL Re the hidden photos DD would like to include why not use the file dividers I included in the last LO's I uploaded as photo mats. The ones on my papernts LO will tell who, what, were and when and the other will be my little story for future generations. I embellished mines with fiber & tags but you could just make then less obvious to the casual viewer since DD would prefer the pics or comments were not everyone to see :o) I am sold on the idea of hidden stuff now....adds another dimension to the scrapbooks and may save embarrassment occasionally!!!!
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Absolutely gorgeous album! There are so many cute ideas on your pages! That diaper cake is really cool! I have heard of diaper cakes, but hadn't seen one! and HEY! no calories! lol Linda C
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Linda C
Thanks for the idea Marilyn. The cardstock/paper I used on the baby shower page was double sided and sturdy enough for the folders. It came in several prints and stripes. I could do single file folders or even tie a couple together and place a photo on the outside and hidden journaling and/or photos inside. Once in the sheet protector it will lay flat enough to not be obvious to the casual viewer. Thanks. Can't wait to get back to Evansville where I bought the paper to get some more. A friend of mine has invited me to go scrappin to a crop not far from there this weekend and she is driving. I can see a detour in the works. Sandy
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