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Husband Needs HELP!
My wife wants to get back into sewing. Her Mom has an old Signature brand 279a (Montgomery Wards) machine in a sewing stand (?). It doesn't "thread" properly,hence my involvement. I know absolutely...
15 years ago 9
Not so happy dance--I got a Singer 4622A
Greetings everyone, In what might have become one of my dumbest moves of my life, I sold away a perfectly good Singer 5810 sewing machine, and got myself a Singer 4622A. Now, I am looking at the...
16 years ago 9
Need Info on Beaumark 4700 Sewing Machine
My friend purchased a Beau*Mark 4700 sewing machine from a sewing store years ago. She wanted a used machine without bells and whisles that was pretty durable and the woman suggested this machine...
17 years ago 2
Hi ladies and gents, I was gifted a gorgeous Empisal Pacesetter 21 (vintage), that's been in my family for over 36years. I need the user manual though - any idea where i can find one? Empisal in South...
4 months ago 1