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I Need a penncrest 2601 sewing machine Manual
I received a 2601 penncrest sewing machine sold by JC Penney designed in the us and made in Japan. If you are familiar with this machine you know the stitch settings can be complicating to figure out....
7 years ago 2
Sewing an Awning?
Mr. Esther wonders why *I* don't sew new canvas awnings for our back door and side door. My beloved Berninas have never liked to stitch a hem on denim jeans and I wondering if they would kick and cuss...
7 years ago 11
Looking for sewing jobs from out of my home! 9 years experience
Hello, My name is Katie Herschberger and I am looking for sewing jobs from out of my home. I was born and raised Amish and we made all of our own clothes, I have been sewing since I was 14 years old,...
7 years ago
Happy Mother's Day!
Moms are always there for you. Moms shape lives and inspire dreams. Moms are the heart of the family. Moms grow love better than anyone... ...! Happy Mother's Day Thank you Beverly, That is so cool!!...
7 years ago 3
had to share
This is the note I received from my granddaughter in reference to the 2 AG doll outfits I made for her. It is a special gift for me. I love her phonetic spelling. .hi i got the things they are so you...
7 years ago 6
Needed: Pattern for Bouffant Style Surgical Cap with band
You might be able to adapt this one: or: or: or: or: NAYY, HTH Pattern for a sewn snood
8 years ago 1
Fleece Fun Site
My mum just emailed me a link to a fun site with some free basic projects for fleece so I thought I would share. - Claire in Montreal FRANCE
8 years ago
Anyone in Cardiff South Wales?
Hi Everyone, I am about to move to Cardiff in South Wales and I'm looking for a dressmaking course. I understand the basics, but looking for some more advanced classes. Anyone any tips of who's who in...
8 years ago 2
OTIrene in the Mid Hudson Valley
We have rain, rain and more rain. some Thunder and some wind.Water in the basement because the ground is so saturated. The creek in our back yard looks like it's taking over some of the yard and is...
9 years ago 7
Ping @ Beverly
Hello Beverly, I sent you an e-mail, but I'm not sure if you checked the account yet since I didn't reply but mailed it to an account I marked as working. Hope it got through (it didn't bounce at...
9 years ago 5
Non-Electric Sergers?
Not long ago I happened to get close enough to a plain-dressed baby to see that the flounce on her sleeve was overlocked, rather than hemmed. I don't think that she was from a sect that eschews...
10 years ago 6
Pfaff Tipmatic 6110 reviews
Hello good folks at alt sewing. An upcoming estate auction has a Pfaff Tipmatic 6110. The lady was a quilter, it seems. Is this a specialty machine ? Anything to look for - problems or wear-out areas...
10 years ago 10
sewing room help - longish
I am not sure if this post belongs here or if there is a better place to post - although I am sure you will be quick to tell me where to go if that is the case :) The youngest (20) has just moved out...
10 years ago 1
PLEASE HELP!! Singer 4220
I have a Singer Inspiration 4220 and I have had it for quite a few years a few weeks ago the timing went completely out it will not catch the bobbin at all or sew one stitch! I got some great advice...
11 years ago 3
Burnt out mains capacitor
Hi there. This looks like a great newsgroup. Husqvarna Optima 150 We have burnt out an AC capacitor in our old Husqvarna. What we wanted to know is if it's alright to continue using it with the cap...
11 years ago 12
manual for 1525 singer
--Lost manual for singer 1525 model, but Singer wants $15.00 , can any one help-and send it to my e-mail Thank you---------------------------------- ##-----------------------------------------------##...
11 years ago 1
Chlorine-resistant elastic?
I just got a query from a reader of my website: which elastic fibers are resistant to chlorine? To which my answer was "duh". I haven't gone into a swimming pool since the 1980s, so I've never cared...
11 years ago 6
Microfiber sheets
Does anyone have any information on or actually have microfiber sheets? I've found a brand new set of sheets on ebay made out of this material and was wondering what the pros or cons would be. I have...
12 years ago 249
Creases in Sheet Hems Dilemma
Before I returned to the practice of line-drying my bedding, some of my sheets developed deep creases--- pleats actually--- in the hems. I can wet-press them after washing but the creases are so "set"...
12 years ago 31
Machine manual - Viscount 2000
Hi, I bought a machine for my girl friend of the internet as she wanted one, thought i'd found a bargin done everything she needed to get started, it was an ex display model. But it came without a...
12 years ago 11