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My amazing family
My older DD and DGD found me a very special Christmas gift this year: A Singer class 128 from 1923. Like this, but in better shape:
3 years ago 4
Merry Christmas, Happy Days
Seasons Greetings and I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful few days! Barbara in SC
3 years ago 6
Sharon Hayes
I don't know how aware most of you know what a tough year Sharon has been h aving. Her dad was ill and still need a lot of help, her mom has had severa l heart problem and unfortunately passed away ...
3 years ago 2
Re: Onasburg???
That thread was posted in February 1999.
3 years ago 3
I know this is usually answered with "it depends", but I'm going to throw this out anyway: My DGD in New York City would love to have a SMALL reliable sewing machine. I am thrilled at the thoug...
3 years ago 11
No I have a question
Got my girl a nice fleece lined flannel shirt, even though it is a small it is pretty baggy on her. It is a inexpensive item and I am wondering if I can take in the side seams to make it more of ...
3 years ago 4
Tornado in SC
Last Tuesday a Cat 1 tornado with winds from 80 to 120 hit my home town and touched sown in my back yard to take out our huge oak tree and leave a mess that we hope to clear out with in a few more...
3 years ago 8
Singer Sergers
In the mid-1980s I purchased 2 Singer sergers- a 64U 4 spool and a 64U 5 sp ool- from SoFro. SoFro had a workbook for each model that the sales rep hel ped the customers create a sample of the stitc...
3 years ago 1
Song of the Singer Sewing Maschine
I found this 1 hour radio feature on Radio BBC4 Archive. It is about Isaac Singer, the history of the Singer sewing maschine and the impact it had on the live of so many. Many aspects I did not kn...
3 years ago 9
Another one done and wrapped
Here is the project I just finished for my younger DD for Christmas this year (top of page): -- Beverly
3 years ago 2
Machine Embroidery magazine recommendations?
I am mostly aiming this question at Beverly but any ideas and words of wisdom are of course welcome. I thought I would get my mother a subscription to a machine embroidery magazine for Christmas ...
3 years ago 4
Christmas market madness
Absolutely up to my eyeballs in prep and stock production. I am about to enter 11 days of nearly back to back markets . I will have 3 days off in 11 I also have to make sure there is stock for Oh a...
3 years ago 2
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hope everyone in the US has a Great Thanksgiving on Thursday! There is just my DH & me so we will go out to eat. But this morning as we were grocery shopping I picked up a sugar free pumpkin pie...
3 years ago 9
Re: JC Penny Sewing machine 6984 manual
Hi Sally, I just read your posting regarding the manual for a JC Penny model 6984 sewing machine. I was just recently given one, but no manual was provided. Would it be possible to also receiv...
3 years ago 1
Re: I have a Brother XL4050 sewing machine and took apart but cannot work out how to I bought the sewing machine in the UK as am not able to send pictures till mid next week which ...
3 years ago 1