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Managing who can post to this group
These spam messages are so annoying. I see that Google Groups Help explains how to limit who can post to a group. I hope it's okay with everyone if I investigate this further. Pora
10 years ago 12
Joy Beeson
Looking for long lost friend Joy Beeson Charles Lerner, M.D. Anne-Marie Lerner ------------------------------------- Charles Lerner, M.D. ##------------------------------...
10 years ago
OT landscaping pics
As promised, pictures of the front with the new paver patio and walkway. Plus the Hays Hill and plantings. I think it needs...
10 years ago 15
Useful hint?
I have been using this method for creating a shank to sew-through buttons forever. I know you all have heard about placing a toothpick under the button, in order to leave some slack for a thread-s...
10 years ago 4
All you UK members who were on their old mailing list, watch the post - CROFT MILL ARE BACK! Had a mailshot this morning. Smaller list of fabrics than previously, but give it time... And check ou...
10 years ago 1
The silk jacket is done, pressed and ready to go. AND I found a dark navy RTW rayon knit tank top (that's a sleeveless scoop necked top, for those [Joanne] who don't know what a tank top is) to we...
10 years ago 20
OT Undies success
From time to time on here we discuss the problem of finding well ftting bras for the well-endowed among us. I had been having a dreadful time recently, until, by a roundabout route, I finally foun...
10 years ago 6
look what DH found My sweet husband sent me that site. They will print any design you want on 60" wide cotton fabric. Like quilting cotton. They keep costs down by only doing one k...
10 years ago 4
Isn't it annoying when you realize that you didn't think the process through *quite* thoroughly enough, and that now you have sewn *this* bit to *that* bit, *these* bits are going to be impossible.....
10 years ago 6
Warm Hello - Just Joined today
Hi, Have joined the group today and would like to introduce myself and say a warm hello to all group members. Sunny "If you aren=92t going all the way, why go at all?"
10 years ago 7
Does anyone own a Euro-Pro Model 9106 sewing machine?
Or, even if you know about them. What is your opinion of them? I bought one about five years ago but never used it until a few weeks ago. It straight stitches beautifully. And, I did have it overc...
10 years ago 5
REQ Great Notions or an others good program to make patterns
tia --------------= Posted using GrabIt =---------------- ------= Binary Usenet downloading made easy =--------- -= Get GrabIt for free from =-
10 years ago 1
call for pattern matchers
Some nicely done stuff:
10 years ago 85
My order just came!
The three pieces of Slinky® I ordered from (AKA just arrived. Two are drop-dead gorgeous, the purple and the all-over gold pattern, the third is iffy (th...
10 years ago 6
Burnt out mains capacitor
Hi there. This looks like a great newsgroup. Husqvarna Optima 150 We have burnt out an AC capacitor in our old Husqvarna. What we wanted to know is if it's alright to continue using it with the cap ...
10 years ago 12