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Proposal and request for seconds
I move we name a special kind of sewing problem for our dear Sharon H. We could call it "the SHD" (Sharon H. DISASTER) for short, (pronounced s__t). You all know the one I mean: Almost finished wi...
10 years ago 76
Switching in Underwires?
Hi, Does anyone know any reason why one should not switch in different underwires into a bra? Different as in different size/shape. Is there some mathematical reason? It seems to me that my rib ca...
10 years ago 3
to sew vinyl
Hello! Im stating to work in sewing, and I want to work with vynil, but I dont know witch kind of machine I need to use this kind of material. I been looking the husqvarna emerald 122 and the singer H...
10 years ago 1
Dora Explorer sewing pattern!!!
Good pattern for children!!
10 years ago
Well, pantalettes, really... I have an adorable but deeply eccentric customer, my Regency Lady. She wanted some pantalettes. OK, no probs, but: I forgot to order the pattern (from Kannick's Corne...
10 years ago 2
Looking for patterns
I am making doggie sweaters and was wondering if anybody had patterns? Thank you. R.Trombone
10 years ago 4
Other sewing groups?
Are there any other similar sewing groups that don't have all the trash and spam littering up the group? I really like the people and help that can be obtained here, but get tired of sorting through ...
10 years ago 3
what's wrong with this sewing machine
I was wondering if you could help me with something. My husband found a old sewing machine for me a couple weeks ago. Everything works but it won't stitch. I did some research and thought it was the...
10 years ago 2
Fabric for jacket?
I'm looking for an appropriate fabric to make for a jacket to be used for horsemanship classes at horse shows. It will be an unlined jacket that should have a little stretch to it. Sugguestions woul...
10 years ago 10
Sewing for Nashville
I'm making some lightweight navy blue cotton/lycra slacks for the Nashville trip. I have two pair cut out and ready to sew. Much used pattern, so no fitting stops just whiiizzzz and they are don...
10 years ago 1
Whee! CAN sew today!
Last night's massage and pain killer coctail seems to have worked. This morning I was about 80% better, so went for my swim. I was a bit slower than usual, but managed the mile (48 lengths of the ...
10 years ago 6
Big Disney Pixar Dreamworks sewing patterns
Great big collection cartoon embroidery designs!! Tinkerbell, Cars, Fairies, Shrek, Pooh collection,,, Spiderman, Batman, Scelanimals, Hello kitty, Finding Nemo, Mickey mouse...
10 years ago
Download FREEembroidery logotypes auto
Download free embroidery logotypes auto Best for you car!!! Absolutly Free!!
10 years ago
My H 2000 is here!
My Husqvarna 2000 has arrived yesterday, in good condition thanks to the fact that it had a tape with 'Handle with care - Glass' wrapped all around it, I suspect. After unpacking it today I can at l...
10 years ago 5
dress forms?
hello everyone-- i've been contemplating buying a dress form...and am wondering...are they really useful? what brands? things you like, dislike? i'm a plus sized chunk, and am starting to sew more...
10 years ago 2