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A moment to catch me breff!
One set out the door at lunchtime: Victorian chemise (internet pattern) Victorian drawers (internet pattern) Victorian corset (Truly Victorian 110) Victorian skirt with bum pad (converted bridesmaid ...
10 years ago 2
OT: offline for a while
I will be offline until May 31st, since we, DS & I, are leaving Wednesday, May 20, for Orlando to attend the eldest DGD's wedding. From there, we will go to SC for a couple days to see the two younge...
10 years ago 4
How to sew with Wooly nylon?
Hi all! Im making a bathing suit and trying to sew with Wooly nylon. I am using a straight sewing machine, which i know is not the way your supposed to do it, but i do not have an overlocker or wh...
10 years ago 11
Ping! Ursula
Ursula, whatever is wrong?? Please do come and cry on our collective shoulder, it will make you feel better (especially if you don't have a physical shoulder handy). Hugs, hang in there. Olwyn Ma...
10 years ago 1
Battle of the Bobbins
I know most of you know what I'm talking about. I have three of the boxes with bobbin sized troughs like, and the threa...
10 years ago 12
[OT] Celebrating
I'm adding another decade mark today... All things considered, it's better to be above ground. ;-) Beverly
10 years ago 39
Viscount 838 Manual needed please
------------------------------------- Hi, new to this site. Desperately want to start reusing my sewing machine, but can't find the manual and can't get it to stitch correctly. Anyone have any ...
10 years ago 1
Ping! Joanne/Pogonip
The package arrived save and sound! THANK YOU! :) :) No keeping eyes peeled for working machine to play with... -- Kate XXXXXX R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of...
10 years ago 1
I hope you're sitting down
Or at least holding onto something steady. DH is leaving Thursday for a trip, and asked me to fix his little carryon bag, the strap on which had come apart, being poorly stitched to begin with. OK...
10 years ago 13
Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I have just acquired a 319K without a handbook. If anyone has a handbook for this beautiful machine would they mind emailing me a copy. Your help would be greatl...
10 years ago 9
Tension Problem
I have an Alpha Sew walking foot machine that I recently purchased used from an individual that told me it was never used. I am trying to sew heavy sail fabric. I can=92t seem to get the tension rig...
10 years ago 4
Kenmore 385-19606
I just bought a close out model at Sears. It is a Kenmore 385 19606 a reliable? What problems does the machine have. And just who makes it and what model? Buster
10 years ago 5
making vestments
Hi, Knowing the diverse experience of the folks on this group, I thought I'd ask if anyone has made any. I'm interested in trying to make a chasuble and stole; I'm Episcopalian (Anglican to Europ...
10 years ago 16
Okay, I do understand what "understitching" is when it comes to collars, but i'm making a dress and it claims to be "easy", but I'm totally not understanding what understitching means in this cont...
10 years ago 6
Instruction Manual for a Brother's BAS-320
Could anyone tell me where I might find a market for an Instruction Manual for a Brother's BAS-320 sewing machine? Thank you Michael
10 years ago 1