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blind hem: use matching color thread or invisible one?
Can invisible threads be used to sew blind hem? This way I only need one "color".
10 years ago 2
It's all Sharon's fault!!!
I just spent three hours laying out the pattern for the new paisley, trying to match the center fronts and making sure I also have enough fabric to cut the rest of the jacket. I can...just! I'm g...
10 years ago 44
Miss America evening gowns
I was poking around on the internet this afternoon and found on pictures from the Miss USA pagent being aired tonight. They had a photo gallery of the evening gown competition with at leas...
10 years ago 18
Cheap stash!
I had one of those cold calls yesterday, from a charity... This was a little different! Small local charity that helps with vet bills for those in difficulty. The lady rang me up because after a ...
10 years ago 8
newbie winding bobbin question
I bought a brother se350 refurbished. When I wind the bobbin I expected it to stop automatically when the bobbin is full. Instead, it became more jerky (stop and go) when about 75% is wound. I thoug...
10 years ago 2
Cap adjustment
My husband has inherited the Breton fishing cap from my late father. It is a wool cap in and looks like this It's a bit too big for my husband but h...
10 years ago 3
Making Neckties
Hi everyone, I hope you all had a nice holiday! Well, I've made six camp shirts now, and think I've gotten my sewing skills down, so I need a new project. I'd like to make neckties - hopefully o...
10 years ago 10
4-Pocket BDU Coat pattern
Someone please help! I've looked all over and i can't find a 4-Pocket BDU Coat pattern. If you could link me to one or at least something that can easily be modified(last resort) then do so. Please i...
10 years ago 8
More coupons to print!
JoAnn's coupons for in-store use: 40% off any one regularly priced item or 10% off total purchase. NAYY Beverl...
10 years ago 9
Happy Eostre! ;-) Beverly
10 years ago 5
Sewing Question
I want to make a couple of these:
10 years ago 1
OT: Happy Easter, Good Passover
Wishing All a Happy Easter, Good Passover or just very nice Spring . Juno Off to see her oldest DD and to spend tomorrow walking around Manhattan with the fine company of my DH and DD
10 years ago 4
Best Machine
I have been looking for a new sewing machine. Not knowing the difference between the brands, I am looking for some help. Most of the machine on the outside look the same. So much so I must ask are t...
10 years ago 4
YAFA (Yet Another Finished Alteration)
While patiently (?) awaiting the arrival of the blue-green paisley, I decided to alter the petticoat I made for DGD about three years ago for her first Nationals costume. It is three tiers of whit...
10 years ago 3
Done and dusted!
Four little white frocks and six little Inspector Gadget trench coats with buttons and shoulder tabs! Bit of a marathon, getting them all done, but as a fast job it was worth it in the end. :) htt...
10 years ago 2