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Another Christmas gift done For my stylin' DGD. Technically not a jacket (it's a vest), but I didn't want to create a separate page. -- Beverly
3 years ago 6
I have a Brother XL4050 sewing machine and took apart but cannot work out how to
I took the end off where the light is and the threading small sliver thing is, sorry do not know part name and can't put it back, does anyone have pics they could send as the user manual and maintenan...
3 years ago 1
Squeezed in a quick job
I'm working on a toile for a jacket (no deadline, but I'd like to get it out the door), several Christmas gifts, and the other day my older DD asked if I could whip out something to donate for a ...
3 years ago 6
Sewing without back pain
I have struggled for a few years now with severe pain in the muscles of my mid-back after a couple of hours of sewing, cutting, pressing, etc. Leaning over is apparently really hard on my old bac...
3 years ago 10
Can you read me?
Hello all, I don't want to get on your nerves, it's just that I can't seem receive e-mails this morning. I have been able to send one out, though. I wonder if the same goes for newsgroups. Inter...
3 years ago 6
ISO Penn Crest 3150 sewing machine threading diagram
I need a Threading diagram for my mom's Sewing machine please help
3 years ago 1
Two more fleece capes for my sister
One from 2014 which I just added, the other new this year. I added the pictures at the bottom, so scroll down below the "zebra" cape. -- Beverly http://www.ickes.u...
3 years ago 17
FL Hurricane
Seems like the hurricane will get closer to the E coast of Florida than originally thought. We are prepared with food, water, & gas in the van, plus things for our 2 dogs. Depending on how thing...
3 years ago 9
Custom Fabric Printing!!!
We shop and shop for that special fabric, but... haven't we all wanted custom printed fabric? My older daughter sent me a link to this site: DD is busily cr...
3 years ago 5
Re: New to me machine
Congratulations!!! If the issue is with the needle tension, I found this video, which may assist you in fixing your tension assembly issue: Addi...
3 years ago
<ping> Ursula
Here are some decidedly "not cute" projects I did with my embroidery machine: My daughter went with me to a doctor's appointment rec...
3 years ago 4
waist band on rtw skirt
I have a really nice cotton RTW skirt. The waist is about less that an inch es to tight. The skirt has a fly front closure and waist band with inside b utton and D-ring self belt. I was thinking I'd...
3 years ago 7
My sewing room
I have added a lot of information to my site, with pictures and descriptions of some of my favorite tools: Included at the bottom are in-progres...
3 years ago 7
Ping Beverly
Please tell me about your embroidery machine. Does it do regular sewing???
3 years ago 7
<Way Off Topic> Yes, I can!
I just replaced the ballcocks, float balls, refill tubes, flapper valves, and reconnected the water supply in two of my three toilets, and there are no leaks (Once I figure out which is rignty-t...
3 years ago 12