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OT: celebration
I sincerely wish everyone a Happy Easter and Passover. Emily
10 years ago 3
checking in
I figured I'd better check in this morning. We had some weather out here last night. Some of you may see news of tornadoes in Arkansas and be worried. I'm fine here. We did have pretty wicked th...
10 years ago 4
Singer Stylist 834
My wife and I were just given this machine. When my wife started to use it she realized that it will not feed the fabric. The feet are moving forward and backwards but they are not moving up and do...
10 years ago 4
OT: Easter eggies! -- Kate XXXXXX R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons Click on Kate's Pages a...
10 years ago 3
Clone wars!
Well, ot quite as bad as 16 bridesmaids skirts all the same, but still... Six coats all at the ready-for-fitting stage by 3pm yesterday. Three frocks likewise... Last frock will be ready for fitting ...
10 years ago 29
birdnesting on bathing suit fabric
I'm getting birdnesting on bathing suit fabric -- I've changed to a knits needle (ball), I've rethreaded a million times and reset the bobbin. My test fabrics, though not bathing suit fabric, all s...
10 years ago 2
[OT] Flooring
The hardwood flooring I ordered online came on March 20th. I have not shared my delight, because.... I was NOT delighted. The color is not even close to the sample the manufacturer provided. I h...
10 years ago 2
Jacket Fabric!?
After a completely fruitless search both online and locally for something colorful and interesting, I found: The local TSWLTH S...
10 years ago 78
prom night pictures
As promised, pictures of the girls all gussied up. Now I just have to figure out how to stay up till 1:...
10 years ago 11
machine parts and manuals
------------------------------------- danlee offers machine parts and manuals of any kind ##-----------------------------------------------## Delivered via
10 years ago 2
Elna 7000 lower tension control
I have had my Elna 7000 about 20 years, but have never been able to get the tension right on the underside of my stitch. Elna said it adjusts automatically or doesn't need adjusting, but I only find...
10 years ago 7
NEW Jenny Haskins Videos - 6th April 09!!
We are very excited to announce and introduce the NEW Jenny Haskins' videos FREE to view on from the 6th April 2009!! See Jenny in her studio - up close and personal via video. ...
10 years ago
more prom
Hey All, Finished the dress for DD's pal today. Same album with DD's dress. Far and away the happie...
10 years ago 13
Pattern for Polo Shirt and advice
I like short sleeved polo shirts, sometimes called golf shirts in US. They have a placket front with about 4 buttons, so they are "Pullover" style. Problem is: virtually all of them I used to buy no...
10 years ago 6
Ping Kate
You have mail, unless I've fallen into your spam trap! -- Richard Caffeine isn't addictive as long as you keep taking it.
10 years ago 1