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Great baby carpet with teddy bear
Great baby carpet with teddy bear .I like this work and style
10 years ago
***Posting FAQ***
Welcome Sewists and new posters! Here are some guidelines to posting to the sewing newsgroups. In case you are wondering where you are and how you got here, you are in a newsgroup, AKA "Usenet" w...
10 years ago
lost cross stitch directions/stitch chart
I need stitch directions for Bucilla kit #84025 father christmas. old kit, bucilla says too old to have directions. thanks, ------------------------------------- judy ##-------------------------...
10 years ago
Ping Robb
Here's some swimsuit info I thought you might find interesting Juno
10 years ago 3
Iron recommendation
My mother needs a new iron; her comments are quoted below: TIA for any suggestions
10 years ago 5
Pictures of the kilt I was not going to share these, because DD took the pictures but didn't straighten the kilt. It should...
10 years ago 12
Customer service
I wrote to Viking Sewing Machine Company because my manual has been mislaid. Today I received a reply with a free download of the manual I needed plus a basic sewing guide and a needle guide. That's...
10 years ago 8
BE 100
Hello I have an older brother professional embroidery machine. It uses BE-100 software ver 2.1 and I cannot find this anywhere. is there somebody who knows what I can do to get a copy? Thanks! -----...
10 years ago 1
just saying hello
Just wanted to pop in and say hello - and come up for a bit of air..though, given as my son has his science fair project in my workroom, not sure how fresh it really I've been working st...
10 years ago 2
Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing
I know, this has been through a million times here, but I have to ask again: Up to which publishing date is the above-mentioned book the valuable guide to tailoring, including all kinds of hand-sewi...
10 years ago 13
<PING> Kate
Hello Kate, I know you're busy, and perhaps my negligence to turn off the ask-for-return-receipt function was a bit of a pain in some body part. Sorry for that, I asked DH how to get rid of that. But...
10 years ago 2
I won a Prize!
I have just got back from the NEC sewing for Pleasure Show where I was a finalist for the eco styling, and I was awarded 2nd prise! Yippee. My niece modelled the outfit and had a wonderful time she ...
10 years ago 29
Girdle Patterns
I can't wear spandex, and especially with summer coming, I would like to find a pattern to make a cotton girdle. If anybody knows any pattern company that makes them (or a manufacturer that manufactur...
10 years ago 3
A Perfect Day
What would be YOUR perfect sewing related day out? Mine: AM: Catch the first train I can get to Victoria, on a One Day Off-Peak Travel Card. Meet with Big Sis and some like-minded gals at Victoria...
10 years ago
Universities For Fashion Design
Hi, I have completed my bachelors in Fashion Technology and have been working as a designer since 1 years now. As i think my education regarding the field is incomplete and since i want to learn mor...
10 years ago 21