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Snow White dress is finished!
I finished the Snow White dress for my DGD and she has asked for a Belle dress next. It came out very nicely and has a 3 inch double hem for letting out when she needs the length. I've posted a phot...
10 years ago 15
It is a GREAT day today!
Tony the Tiger gr-r-r-r-r-r-reat, even. *beaming* It's always a great day, don't you think, when you find out that the optometrist who told you two years ago that you had two separate ophthalmologi...
10 years ago 18
OT : New store in town
Not to long ago we were talking about gadgets and I said I love hardware stores. A new one opened a couple of weeks ago right in the village. A real hardware store. Not Lowes, Not Home Depot, but a ...
10 years ago 2
Oscar Red Carpet
I did not watch the Oscars, but I finally found a slide show: Belts were "IN", big, HUGE pouffy bottoms were in. Angelina Jolie! NO o...
10 years ago 6
[OT] Modern life is a b----h!
You have to watch this: ROTF,LMAO!!! Beverly
10 years ago 4
overlocks and sergers oh my !
so, i have resisted the urge to serge for a long while now. i am getting the itch to serge again now that warmer weather is coming and i am starting to think about some spring and summer knit/lycra p...
10 years ago 5
SEPARATING Invisible Zippers!
I know there was a thread here a while back about a source for invisible zippers which could separate. Well DD will need something very like that for the front of the tunic of the Hornpipe outfit,...
10 years ago 26
Mary Fisher?
Anyone know if Mary is OK? She seems to have dropped off the group some time ago. Beverly
11 years ago 5
Can someone please tell me what size and type of needle to use to sew patent leather? You may Email me at this address TIA ;-) Py
11 years ago 12
I know, I should have left well enough alone. I decided to give my trusty 15-(20?)-year-old Rowenta "Professional" DE-92.1 iron a good cleaning so that I would not have any problems while pressing...
11 years ago 26
Sewing for Pleasure Expo anyone?
Just back in from a very quick trip to London. Whirlwind tour of many museums for "the Boys" (sons and DH), I did get to look at the fashion in the V & A for an hour!!! Lovely things, could have don...
11 years ago 2
Two New Sewing Pattern Groups On Flickr
Come join us in the Costume Sewing Patterns Group on Flickr! Come join us in the Etsy Sewing Patterns Group on Flickr!
11 years ago
Progress on the kilt
There are 23 pleats across the back of the kilt (I wish I had had another 1/2 yard, I would have loved to make 29 narrower pleats but to maintain the proper center back stripe there just was no way wi...
11 years ago 37
Anti-fray dip for ends of web belts
I have a number of cotton web belts that I want to turn the ends into plastic anti-fray tabs. I've seen some someplace. Anybody know of a dip that will set up hard? I've thought of different glues, ...
11 years ago 2
Pinker attachment
Yesterday, I had my annual physical and as usual, I was talking about sewing to one of the nurses. She told me her DGM passed away recently and she inherited 2 attachments for her old Singer machine....
11 years ago 7