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Alan Dicey's Suit
I've been laid up in Hosp. with back surgery and may have missed it. Did Kate ever post pics? Cant find them on her site. I'm wondering if she sewed the jacket entirely by hand like bespoke tailors ...
11 years ago 2
Coat Repair
A while ago I asked for help in repairing a coat that had gotten damaged by getting too close to a propane heater. You can see the results in my "Other Projects" album in Webshots. I'm happy with...
11 years ago 5
Coat repair results
In "Other Projects" you can see the applique I made to cover an area on my favorite coat which got damaged when I got too close to a propane heater. Several of you offered tips a while back for doin...
11 years ago
ideas and advice for make believe box ?
I am trying to put together a better (i.e. updated gender ) make-believe box . we have a make-believe box from our no longer "Mr. rugratedness" which basically had lots of boyish things like firefig...
11 years ago 21
question about over-dyeing garments ?
since we have 6 weeks more winter, i have a sweatshirt project i wanted to try (if possible). i have this heavy IZOD sweatshirt (a gift) that uses a sort of a french terry or similar fabric where it...
11 years ago 6
OK, so your friendly neighbourhood mad auntie is high on fabric sniffing, but tough! I just have to tease you with this one... I have a nice new customer, a lovely ++ size petite Italian grandma. ...
11 years ago 2
<PING> Kate
This seems to be the year for extraordinary winter weather. We (Pacific NW, USA) had 20" of ice and snow at Christmastime, Sharon has just been through an awful ice storm, and now the news is full ...
11 years ago 21
Latest project finished
I gave my DSIL a blank navy sweatshirt for Christmas, with a printout of several versions of his favorite character so he could choose the design. I just finished it, and will take it to him on We...
11 years ago 34
OT: ice storm
Well, it's been an interesting week here. We had freezing rain start on Monday. Lasted till Tuesday evening. Then changed to sleet and finally to snow overnight Tuesday. We wound up with 1 1/2" of...
11 years ago 14
Singer Cocktail Model 6252
Hello! I am brand new to your site. I have been looking for the manual for the Singer Cocktail Model 6252 (hopefully without paying for it - but if it is then that's ok too). My sister lent it to m...
11 years ago 2
Does anyone have Maxine Embroidery Design Collection
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11 years ago 11
Pfaff 7570
Hi, I´m looking for a service repair manual for sewing machine Pfaff7570 Where to get manual? Thanks in advance elisa
11 years ago 1
BESTEX provides everything for sewing
BESTEX provides everything for sewing, such as sewing thread, needles, button,fabric and [url=]Cross stitch[/url]Cross stitch kits. -------------...
11 years ago
Valance project help needed
Hello everyone! Normally I confine my sewing to garments with just a few home decor items for myself, but one of my steady customers asked me to make a special valance for her living room window and ...
11 years ago
Swimwear/Dancewear Pattern Making and Sewing
In order to try and move this thread back onto swimwear I thought I'd start it all afresh. I'd like to draw peoples' attention to my website on stretch pattern making ....
11 years ago 8