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Sergers (again)
Hello all, I know that this question has been posted so many times before that you probably don't count any more, and that even I posted it before. Still, since the market will keep changing, I ...
3 years ago 13
Preview of my new serger bench
My wonderful son-in-law came yesterday and very patiently installed the new bench exactly as I wanted it done. Here is a preview of the finished project:
3 years ago 4
In between a week of dinner guests one weekend and weekend guests the following weekend I managed to get a start on replacing curtains through out the house. the bathroom and guest room now have fre...
3 years ago 19
My beloved bernina 1030 needs help! I'm not sure if this is a simple issue that I can try to fix or if it will require a trip to the shop. I just no ticed that my machine will not shut off. I tr...
3 years ago 4
Re: PFAFF 130
Well, a FEW of us are still here from 2002... ;-D I didn't post in that thread, but Kate D., Penny S., Melinda M., did, and those were familiar names to me. It's really a shame that the...
3 years ago 2
Free Sewing books to read online
I saw this on a FB group it was added as a free book to download. In fact I can't see how you can download it but you can read all sorts of books online.
3 years ago 3
When you were watching the serging videos and reading the instruction books, did you see a lot of the small projects you can make for your house? I make a lot of these items for myself and friend...
3 years ago 2
Fuchsia buttons!
I had *one* button on a card (left over from some previous project) which perfectly matched some fabric I bought yesterday to make a new top, but they were no longer at the fabric store(s), and no...
3 years ago 4
Coverlock machine janome 1000
The time has come the Walrus said........ for me to get serious about a coverlock machine. I have autumn projects in my head that need a coverlock finish. I would like some recommendations for w...
3 years ago 4
right-angle eye tape
I may never have new pants again -- my pattern calls for sewing on four hooks and twenty eyes, and I'm completely burned out on sewing on eyes. And I can't do without the adjustability that twenty...
3 years ago 2
Operation Adopt a Cushion
Spent a lovely afternoon with a group of people from our Church at My Mum's house. We are making cushions for the church. Those who can not sew or craft are helping by adopting a cushion, this ...
3 years ago 6
Bragging on my daughter this time
I just finished a challenging project, I struggled with the fabric. I probably needed to fire up the old White upholstery machine, but the last time I tried the motor was dead. http://www.ickes....
3 years ago 8
<ping> Ursula - One is never too old to make a mistake
Ursula! You inspired me to make a creative repair to a nasty OOPS! That has to have been the third or fourth time I have made a similar error. Serging curved ...
3 years ago 8
Re: Oiling Sewing Machine - OK to use 3 in 1 oil?
See that date up there ^^^^^? "May 14, 1998"!!! While it IS possible, I doubt very much Keith is still hanging around alt.sewing 18 years after posting that reply. Perhaps our very knowl...
3 years ago 1
Another bit of stash put to good use
While tidying up my sewing room, I came across a lovely piece of rayon I have had for quite awhile. It made up into a very nice summer top. -- Beverly http://www....
3 years ago 10