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Its been years
--WebTV-Mail-20720-3972 Content-Type: Text/Plain; Charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7Bit since I've really sewn anything and I used to make all my own clothes. Recently I got a wild notion...
11 years ago 12
Merry Christmas
I'd like to wish all who celebrate a Very Merry Christmas. To those who don't have celebrate Christmas I say "may you have the best there is and Peace." Juno
11 years ago 5
OT- retreating nylon ripstop raincoats?
Hello; Has anyone managed to retreat (recoat) urethane coated nylon ripstop raincoats? If so, what product and what were the steps.... Thanks Pat
11 years ago 1
Help with Christmas Fleece project, Please
Hi, I'm new here and don't have much time with this project I need help with! I am also new at sewing! But, I am trying to duplicate a Santa toilet lid cover that we had when I was young, I'm 50 now ...
11 years ago 2
This little guy is having a Very Merry Christmas
(Safe for work) Amazing. Beverly
11 years ago 3
A wee gifty
I apologize if this is already well-known to one and all -- but I just discovered it through another source, and thought I'd toss it out here in case it might be useful.
11 years ago 2
No cause
We all know I do not use a Gmail account -- Ron Anderson A1 Sewing Machine 18 Dingman Rd Sand Lake, NY 12153
11 years ago 5
Fabric Big Enough for a King Sized Comforter
Where can I get fabric that is big enough to make a king sized comforter without a seam down the middle? I would also like to make some blankets as well, so some wool or fleece would be useful as wou...
11 years ago 75
OT: unexpected early prezzie
DH walks many miles several days a week with some of his buddies. He came home on Thursday morning and said we were getting a gift from one of his friends. It seems this man's daughter gave him a ne...
11 years ago 19
DON'T OPEN the Christmas Quilt post!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a troll in the worst degree, and even if you do open it, you'd know it wasn't from Kate because she doesn't have a DIL...he son isn't old enough to be married!!! Larisa
11 years ago 1
Christmas Quilt
I finally finished the crazy quilt for my daughter in law for Christmas. It has to be perfect and I would welcome your opinions!
11 years ago 9
Progress report
The "French terry Granny-Smith-Apple-green with black piping and belt" robe for DGD is ready to wrap. It looks long, so I'm going to wait until after Wednesday to hem it, but I'm actually happy wi...
11 years ago 36
loose waist & wrists on pullover
hi there!after a wash a c&a 40% nylon 30%merino wool 20%viscose 10%cashmere pullover i bought while on holiday now has its wrists and waist 'elastic' parts are loose ! i only wore it once. is there an...
11 years ago 3
decipher fabric bolts ?
At the local fabric retailer the workers are as un-helpful as usual I asked what the weight of a %100 cotton twill was and the response, "i don't know, nobody ever asks that " and they turned and...
11 years ago 6
Last minute sewing project for a gift
It's snowing in the Willamette Valley (Oregon, U.S.A.), we're having a White Christmas! Four inches of accumulation since Sunday, and it's snowing hard right now. I just started cutting out a robe...
11 years ago 10