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Buttonholer problem - Viking 415
I have a Viking Freesia 415 and I'm trying to use the one-step buttonhole foot, which I haven't done in a really long time, practicing on scrap of the garment material, including interfacing. The rows...
11 years ago 1
Patterns for a Japanese Tea Ceremony
------------------------------------- /o) (o/ Hi! (New to this forum) I'm looking for a pattern to make a little pouch (fikusu??) for a ceramic pot (chaire) used in Japanese tea ceremonies or ...
11 years ago
help with online sewing instructions
I was planning to make a simple jumper for a 2T girl and i had no redi-patterns i liked so i found this simple jumper online with these sewing instructions.
11 years ago 12
I need to make a costume for an All Saints party. I want to look like a Buddhist monk or perhaps the Dali Lama. Does anyone know what the garment that they wear is called and how to make one? I've ...
11 years ago 5
Blinds Commerce
If your blinds business is not on the Internet, your competitors are taking your sales! What's your excuse for not having an e-commerce website? Blinds Commerce can have your business online in 24 h...
11 years ago
Where can I find out dated patterns?
Are there any URL's that you're aware of? I'd really like to find this info. TIA. Jerri O
11 years ago 4
Velvet jacket for DGD
I just cannot cut into the velvet I ordered online, as there's probably no way to get more if something isn't quite right, so I am making a toile of some locally purchased blue velvet (it was relat...
11 years ago 2
Why Women MUST Become Investors
This is a summary of an Article written by Kim Kiosaki (Wife of entrepreneur/author Robert Kiosaki) The Statistics - 47% of the women over the age of 50 are single. (This means they are financially r...
11 years ago
Sensitive Subject? Can a person really make a living sewing? (Because I want to)
I know this may be a sensitive subject but it has always been my dream to make a real living sewing. I know a few people here do it and I feel that my sewing skills & knowledge are very good (of cour...
11 years ago 10
Learn something new every day
And yesterday's was: When you open a new box of IBC glass-headed pins, don't think you can shake a few onto your Grabbit and close the lid on the rest. (I shoulda *picked* them out, carefully.) ...
11 years ago 3
hat sizing for a 6 year old
Hi, I am wondering if any of you have a handy 6 year old to quickly measure for me please. Unfortunately I can't lay my hands on a 6 year old at the moment. My niece is in the Uk while I am in Franc...
11 years ago 3
Altering fitted sheets
Most people have problems getting fitted sheets big enough to fit on the newer really thick mattresses. But I have the opposite problem: I bought a terrific new set of sheets from Overstock, really h...
11 years ago 9
Satin & Daisy Lace Full-Figure Bra
Hello I'm echa, I want to sell : Satin & Daisy Lace Full-Figure Bra And many more bra: Thanks for reading
11 years ago
New member intro
Hi I'm Steph from Phoenix. I am married and have 2 little girls that I LOVE to sew for. I do tons of clothes, but love pillows, pillow cases, quilts, hats, you name it - I love it - it is so much fu...
11 years ago 3
OT: folk/textile festival in MI
Recently, someone posted a message on this group that a folk/textile festival was to be held in Marshall, MI. I have a friend who lives in the area, and sent her a note about it. She went, and repo...
11 years ago