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Ping @ Beverly the Machine Embroiderer
Hello Beverly, you are such an expert in this field. My problem is this: DD destroyed two of her still wearable polo shirts by tears or cuts in visible places. I meant to mend them by embroideri...
3 years ago 3
Just about finished the Noodlehead cargo bag
I've been working on this bag forever and it's been a beast for me to do. I set it aside more than once to think on it.The directions could be better. I spent a lot of time just thinking, and pinn...
3 years ago 5
PFAFF 2022--life style
`Hey all, I was cleaning and repairing timing on a PFaff 2022. Well, you have the rem ove the entire bottom of the machine and I believe the attached cords to th e circuit board got manipulated b/...
3 years ago 4
Singer 101-4 and 101-12 !!!
No I didn't find the machine while I was cleaning my sewing room, but I DID (finally, after 21 years) go through my DMIL's sewing box. Lots of odd buttons, cards of needles, snaps, hooks and eyes,...
3 years ago 3
Bunch of small projects and one huge one
Small ones: Marking several pairs of new dark navy blue socks with white French knots on the cuff, so I don't accidentally pair them with the black socks. :-O Add a 1.5" cuff to the (too-short...
3 years ago 7
Special "Day"?
Today is "Sewing Machine Day":> Okay, first, I loath the made-up celebratory 'days', most of which are nothing more than an excuse to get suckers to buy gree...
3 years ago 3
Changing motor belt
I have a WHITE SUPERLOCK 534; it has served me well for years (30+) it is in need of a new motor belt. It is on the way. I have access to the pulley (removed all necessary covers) Just wondering if...
3 years ago 2
Ping---Clair in France
Did you get to watch a few of the sewing program? Was there anything different, or just the same things you already know how to do? On the few sewing programs over here, it seems to be things I ...
3 years ago 2
Anything on cross-stitch?
Is this a good group for questions on cross-stitch? --- news:// - complaints: ---
3 years ago 4
Looking for Accessory Feet for Euro-Pro 9106
Hi there, If anyone is looking to get rid of their EuroPro 9106, I am looking for the accessories that came with it. So far I've been able to find many of them online. However, I haven't found ...
3 years ago
Next generation sewing
I received a lovely e-mail from my DGD recently, wishing me a happy BD and Mother's Day, and thanking me for teaching her to sew. She asked what type of sewing machine (domestic or industrial) I ...
3 years ago 7
Sewing by Hand
For a few weeks I have been helping a sick friend who does not sew, and I have been doing light mending, sewing by hand. It's just mending small rips, and it helps pass the time while watching TV...
3 years ago 2
euro pro 9016
Turning the hand wheel counterclockwise can only go about half rotation then it locks. You can go clockwise back and it locks up. We cleaned it and removed the bobbin and bobbin carrier and saw the ...
3 years ago 1
I have an Esante my stitches either gather or if it sews straight, there are los
I have an Esante machine.Baby-loc my stitches either gather or I have lose threads on the back of the fabric. I think this is all caused by the bobbin but I have checked and changed it 5 times. I d...
3 years ago
How do I adjust a Diana dress form and what tool do I use to turn the adjustment
-I just bought a slightly used Diana large dress form no manual. How do I adjust it and what tool do I use to turn the knobs -
3 years ago