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Improving sewing skills
There was a question on a group I belong to about How to take classes to become a professional seamstress without leaving home to go to a fashion school. This young woman is a wife and mother but w...
11 years ago 11
Coverstitch Problem
------------------------------------- I have been trying without success to get my Elna Pro 905DCX serger to coverstitch. I am an experienced serger and all the other usual utility stitches wo...
11 years ago 2
Back to sewing finally!!!
Just a quick update so that some people won't worry I've fallen off the earth.... DDs birthday was last week, and I somehow managed to pull my back out that night - Joy! Mother was here until the ...
11 years ago 3
Sleeve Cap-remove fullness?
I want to remove 1/2" from the sleeve cap of my pattern. I've never done this so am not sure of the best place to pinch it out. As I see it, I have two options: 1. Pinch out 1/4" from either side...
11 years ago 1
Hi is there any place that will make a pattern according to your rough design Thanks
11 years ago 1
Thrift Store bargain! $4 Rowenta! & $10 Coronado but the motor is stuck in high gear!!!
I did a bit of thrift shopping today between appointments & found a nice solid Rowenta Iron for $4. I haven't tested it out yet but it looks perfectly clean and the lady at the store said they plug...
11 years ago 3
Ping Robb
Hi Robb, Last night I tried out my 46 polyester thread from Thread Exchange. Sorry it took so long to report back, but they sent the wrong one at first but quickly sent out the correct one. They a...
11 years ago 3
autumn in the wndow shops
We don`t have real autumn here , but as we already have `winter time`, i saw that some shops hung some new autumn /winter clothing ....LACE or what seems like lace ,,, Strong colors ,,, i mean YELOO...
11 years ago 6
Use of chainstitch sewing machine?
Most chainstitch machines I've heard of are heavy duty and used as "bag closers", like on jute feedbags, etc. In the home sewing arena, I've heard of attachments to convert a conventional machine ...
11 years ago 14
Dress Shop Software Questions
After ten months of effort, two reams of paper, three or four telephone calls to Wild Ginger, and using every bit of expendable yardage in my stash to test patterns, I have finally concluded that ...
11 years ago 8
pattern search
The memory says there was a discussion about a princess seamed knit top within the past year. The sewing room search says I did not buy the pattern at that time. The archive search did not help....
11 years ago 9
Merrow machines
Hi, to all of you who got lucky enough to get a MERROW machine, and YES they are MADE in the USA, there is a store at the company web site where you can buy 1 or 101 and needles. http://www.merrow...
11 years ago
Need curtain advise
Hello everyone, I just bought a house that was a rental and all the curtains have to be replaced. The back of the house is almost all windows and I wanted to put sheers up. But the rods that are a...
11 years ago 11
Birthday sewing
Well, today, my little preemie turned 5!! I made her a jumper and a wool coat to wear with dresses as well as a princess dress-up dress. She wouldn't go to sleep last night, so I told her that the...
11 years ago 32
Changing News Server
Comcast is discontinuing newsgroups, so I have signed up with for access. I will continue using the sign-on name "BEIDesign". Carry on. Beverly
11 years ago 13