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canvas fabric
does anyone know where to purchase 8 - 10 oz colored canvas fabric online? thanks! ##-----------------------------------------------## Delivered via Sewing Community of ...
11 years ago
Ruffles on "V" neck
I'm playing around with some fabric and want to put a ruffle on a "V" neck top, back zip. I want the ruffle to be small, no more than an inch wide and I want it to go in toward my chest rather tha...
11 years ago 24
OT a little Washing machines
Hey All, I mentioned the new washer. Still in love with it, BTW. The oddest thing I've noticed, there is way less lint in the lint screen on the dryer. Cool, but unexpected. I thought I would s...
11 years ago 4
Sewing Sources
Does anyone know of any good online sources for sewing ideas, patterns, etc.? I've heard of before and used them before and like their ideas, but I don't love their patterns. They ne...
11 years ago 1
In case your at a lost as to what to wear, check out this URL
You've got to see this. the newest fashions, especially the shoes. I'm really having a hard time deciding which pair I like the best. Juno
11 years ago 6
Pillows, Pillows, Pillows
My 6 yo DGS, "E", as we call him has put in his annual request for new covers for throw pillows for his birthday.He makes life so easy. He picked out a hockey theme this year, his mom found an onl...
11 years ago 3
Yesterday I received an e-mail asking me if I would share the pattern for the Aboyne/Nationals Highland dance outfit I created a couple of years ago to make the outfit for my DGD's AG doll. Well...
11 years ago 81
Paper and pencil not OT
I like to redraw all my click and sew patterns on tracing paper. I found a 50 yard roll in an art store for $17.00.I'm never happy with anything I use to draw my lines. Always just a bit too mess...
11 years ago 1
Help with Bernina 1090
I am looking at buying a used Bernina 1090. I have a small business and sew at least 2 hours each day with medium to heavy weight fabrics. Does anyone know if the 1090 Bernina is a good choice? ...
11 years ago 2
<PING> Sharon H
Sharon, I know you are probably dealing with excess water problems at the moment, but take a sec to let us know how you are 'k? Beverly
11 years ago
I just got a note from Emily in Houston, She's dry and safe for which I know we are grateful, Now to hear from Sharon Hayes. Juno
11 years ago 4
Sewing with Denim Fabric
Hello All, Can anyone tell me how you judge the amount of ease to use when sewing pants with denim? I just made a pair that I tested in muslin before cutting the denim. The muslin pair fits great...
11 years ago 14
Fashion Week
Hi all, It's Fashion Week (for the Spring '09 lines) here in NYC, and a number of stations (at least here) carry four hours a day of it. I've been glued to the TV; so many of the shows are just s...
11 years ago 2
Coco Chanel
IF you get have Cable or satellite TV (I think) there's a program about Coco Chanel tomorrow night at 8:00 PM on Lifetime TV. I don't know if this is available outside the continental US.It stars ...
11 years ago 13
Sink or swim
Big rush order to get out. 14 pairs of skidboots I'd promised (against my better judgement) to a long-time customer. I'm stitching along, get distracted momentarily and I'm almost over the edge ...
11 years ago 16