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Reassigning function
Along with all the sewing with/for DGD, I have been doing some major cleaning/donating/tossing of almost 37 years worth of accumulated stuff. My DMIL had come to live with me at the end of her l...
11 years ago 33
Sure-Fit Designs
Quite a number of years ago I bought the Sure-Fit Designs kits for shirt, blouse/dress and pants. That was the best investment I ever made to build slopers to my body shape! now I need to replace t...
11 years ago 16
Were did all those strange non sewing posts come
Where did all those posts , not realted to sewing come from ,,, ???? really can`t a Girl have a good sewing chat , this days without some , strange things around ,,,, mirjam
11 years ago 20
singer merrit 2106/2108
I'm looking for an operation manual/user guide for a Singer "Merritt" 2106 or 2108. Anyone? Anybody? Bueller? I would be ever-so-grateful. Thanks in advance
11 years ago 1
Blobby dances for us!
You are. DANCE, Blobby! Dance for us! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11 years ago
Article about Mary Jo's
I know a lot of you have made the pilgrimage to Mary Jo's, but it looks like the rest of us are going to be able to visit, too, though virtually.
11 years ago 2
Using iron on vinyl
Has anyone used the iron on vinyl? I'm making some aprons for my DD1 who is a hairdresser. I sent her a couple for her birthday in July and she was happy with them so I'm using the fabric I had le...
11 years ago 3
Sewing Question
What is the proper way to sew this? I've tried, but so far with no success.
11 years ago 1
Once i used to wear Courderoi, clothes than they sort of mooved out of fashion. TWO years ago i found somewhere a DREAM LIKE printed piece of `Cloud soft` courdroi , had an idea that it might be a v...
11 years ago 14
more Tbbtyr oddness
"Tbbtyr" being the rot13 of "Google" Submitted a search with the terms "muslin retail yard" That's musliN with an "N" at the end. Tried it more than once, and get varying proportions of site...
11 years ago 5
yard(s) of musliny muslin
wash, hot, dry, hot.
11 years ago
when I said I didn't understand why
patchwork fabric, the store owner said "don't try." This was natural cotton with a lot of little plaid squares set in it. Not the best, not the worst
11 years ago 6
waist line NOW
Years ago i used to pur a Gurtband [ =gross grain ] in my skirts` waistelines, but for some years now i use Wide elastic , it holds it`s width [=vertical height of waistline] and is elastic in the c...
11 years ago 9
Vacation pictures not totally OT
Hey All, I have pictures up. I picked through and just put up SOME pictures. When I get better pictures from the wedding (I will be getting a CD of wedding pictures eventually) I will put up so...
11 years ago 12
Octopus costume
my brat child wants to be scoobydoo for halloween. I said no. (mean mommy, I know) and then I talked him into being an Octopus instead. But I can't find one to buy that he likes. So I need your ...
11 years ago 14