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How do I adjust a Diana dress form and what tool do I use to turn the adjustment
-I just bought a slightly used Diana large dress form no manual. How do I adjust it and what tool do I use to turn the knobs -
3 years ago
I need a manual for a babylock 418 serger
This machine is older and has no manual for it. it has three spools not four. Any help would be appreaciated
3 years ago
Can I have some opinions on the Singer model 620 please? eg:How dependable, etc
Would it be a practical machine for home use?
4 years ago
Simanco33653 year of manufacturing
Can anyone help me date a Singer sewing machine that I purchased at a garage sale. Under the machine it has Simanco 33653 stamped, on the front of machine it has EC561884. It is electric, but I'm just...
4 years ago
Does anyone know how to adjust the timing on this machine
As I recall, fabric was taken into the slots under the needle and had to be extricated from there. I didn't yank it out but removed the bobbin case and worked carefully and slowly. Now the timing is...
4 years ago
Curious about City & Guilds 7161 & Design and Craft 7716
Hi all, I?ve been wondering about the crazy idea of taking a sabatical and doing Textiles or Design and Craft. I am not especially proficient in any of the needlearts, but all of them fascinate me. I?...
4 years ago
asking about pogonip
I lost track of her when I moved to Texas. anybody have her email or any contact? We traded a lot of email back then and I sent her patterns and fabrics for her relatives and herself. I would like ...
4 years ago 2
Making Bibs keeping out of trouble
nice piece of thick natural cotton which looks much better than I expected. happy to get on with things.Still waiting for needle-cord to arrive for boys outfits but in the meantime I am keeping ...
4 years ago 3
Sewing with DGD
My DGD Miranda came over for the day to sew. She's 13. She did aittle sewing a few years ago and made a Red Riding hood Cape for Halloween. Today she wanted to make some rice bags and a pot holder...
4 years ago 9
Threads Magazine
My space for storing paper magazines is full, so I decided that when it was time to renew Threads, I'd buy the electronic version. The time came, and not one of the begging letters I received offe...
4 years ago 9
Are memory cards for Galaxie 895 machines still available
I have recently acquired a Super Galaxie 895 machine and I appreciate its an old machine but wonder if it is still possible to obtain pattern memory cards
4 years ago
Joanne MacGregor
Passing on some sad news for our group. With great sadness I learned from facebook this morning that the lovely Joanne passed away August 7th. My condolences to all her family, I have so enjoye...
4 years ago 8
David Page Coffin
Does anyone own, or has seen the "The Shirtmaking Workbook" by David Page Coffin? I love the way he writes and have seen this book online but not in the flesh so if you do own it, or have seen i...
4 years ago 2
Free Arm
Why is it that the shirt has to be untwisted three or four times when I only go around the sleeve once? -- joy beeson at comcast dot net The above message is a Us...
4 years ago 3
Back in the day, we called it "polyester or nylon double knit" and it was the sooper dooper new thing on the block. It fell out of favor after while because it was heavy, it didn't breathe, one ...
4 years ago