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We all want this guy, right?
4 years ago 3
Bobbin filling
I have filled the bobbin on my machine hundreds of times. As I am trying today, the small rubber wheel that makes contact with the main wheel will not turn to fill the bobbin.
4 years ago 5
I draped a FLY!
No, silly, not an insect: -- Beverly
4 years ago 2
serger tension knob broken?
hello, we are new to serging and we recently bought our first serger, an old broth er 634d. we are having an issue with one of the tension knobs and can't seem to find any information on it real...
4 years ago 1
Need Operating Manual for Pro Line BL4-738
I need an operating Manual for the Baby Lock Pro Line serger BL4-738
4 years ago 3
bernette 43 overlock
Hi my mother has an overlock .. pretty old and shes tierd of taking it to g o get the needles replaced and they charge to much .. she dosent have the h exagon wrench for it I dont know where I can f...
4 years ago 2
White 534 upper looper timing adjust
My 534 serger is 180 degrees out of phase on the upper looper! I have accessed the bottom, which screws and which gear do I turn to fix this?
4 years ago
Do woven 4-way stretch fabrics exist?
I was looking for a 4-way stretch woven denim and all I could find was a va riety of 2-way stretch fabrics. 4-way stretch knitted fabrics exist but I cannot think of an obvious reason why woven fa...
4 years ago 1
hiding the stash
under the bedcovers. works quite well. have managed to de-enhance some too.
4 years ago
Helpful hint
When using wooly nylon in the looper(s) of your serger and/or coverstitch machine, be VERY careful to sew a short test before actually sewing on your project. That way, if the looper thread has ...
4 years ago 6
White super lock 534 Need Help
I can't figure out how to disengage the cutter blades to just overlock, not cut. I haven't had the machine long and the manual makes no reference how to do this. Can someone help?
4 years ago 3
finally connected
After months of trying to connect to alt.sewing on my new computer, I'm finally back. I was using google once in awhile but have a strong dislike for it. I fell like I've reconnected with an old f...
4 years ago 7
I Have Been Busy!
Six projects (seven if you count the bag) done and wrapped for Christmas: We will be having Christmas Eve dinner (including oyster s...
4 years ago 4
Gotta love FREE STUFF!
I finished a shirt for me today, using fabric from a much-loved-but-no-longer-worn skirt. So, free (or at least it qualifies as using 'stash'). Pics here: I am look...
4 years ago 7
<ping> Ron Anderson
Hi Ron, I just attempted to phone the Authorized Singer Service center in Bellevue WA, and got a 'disconnected number' message. My google searches have turned up zilch for Singer Authorized Ser...
4 years ago 2