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On the one hand, they now have plastic grinding gears in disposable pepper grinders, on the other I recently hosed out a Rubbermaid bucket and discovered that I could break pieces off it with my fi...
4 years ago 2
Seeking manual for Vogue Stitch 711-B sewing machine
I just acquired a machine for $25, which is a good thing, because it doesn't seem to work at all. I'm hoping, with the manual, I can see what the problem is and go about fixing it or having someone do...
4 years ago
Vogue patterns
The web site has Vogue patterns on sale for $5.99 with $4.00 shipping no matter how many you order (or at least it did not change as I added additional patterns).
4 years ago
Material question!
Hello all, I remember that Kate once recommended Timtex for hat brims etc. However, this hard to obtain here in Germany, and I think somebody even mentioned that it has gone out of sale. Vilene ...
4 years ago 4
I have a singer simanco 33653 6
I do not know how to get it out of the case? Can anyone help me
4 years ago 1
Hoop size question
2 part question --- my brother machine embroidery area is 4x4 - when software wants to know hoop size does it mean the 4x 4 area or the actual dimensions of the physical hoop. And why would I purch...
4 years ago 2
Kind of OT
Hi all. I've been away from the group for several reasons. First it's been a terrib le winter for me for health reasons. My asthma has played havoc with me and as a result I've done a minimum of s...
4 years ago 8
Hello Kay, as far as I remember, you have some (considerable) experience with making pintucks with a twin needle. I'd like to hear some or all of your advice on it. I bought two lovely poly chif...
4 years ago 5
Happy Easter!
Happy Easter to all of you, and here is a little bouquet for you: U.
4 years ago 2
Hello Ron, have you any experience with Berninas? I've got a question about my Aurora 440 QE. Help would be appreciated. Thanks! U.
4 years ago 4
Again PING@Beverly
Hello Beverly, I just sent you private mail to your beidesigns at hotmail account. Hope you're OK. U.
4 years ago 2
singer 270 bobina magica
Cerco manuale di servizio per poter sostituire l'ingranaggio di plastica connesso sull' asse verticale , a dire il vero l'ho gia cambiato , ma adesso mi ritrovo a dover sincronizzare gli assi sopr...
4 years ago 3
I am not to good at this stuff. But I tho I am in the right place. I have 2 pfaff machines and a singer that all need a new home. All work. Been sitting for 12y .group package $500.00. Pfaff 130, pfa...
4 years ago 1
Ping@ Beverly
Hello Beverly, are you gone already? I hope you have a great time in the UK, and enjoy all the lovely sights and sounds and smells and tastes. U.
4 years ago 6
Which machine for heavy duty?
Hi, I need to buy a sewing machine for making / repairing boat covers, sails, awnings etc. Home occasional use but some of the materials are quite tough coated waterproof materials. I think I would ...
4 years ago 16