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will not sew backwards
**I have a white rotary I have use it before and it sews backwards. Well, I tried today and I cant get it to do it now.
5 years ago 3
Compare Viking Rose 605 & Viking Lily 555 sewing machines vs a Singer
I know someone who passed away and her husband wants to sell her sewing items to clean out the house. I have a chance to buy either a viking Lily 555 or Viking Rose 605 sewing machine in great shap...
5 years ago 3
<OT Ping> Folks who live in England
My DD and I are working on our itinerary for our trip in March. One of the things I really, REALLY want to do is visit the Cotswolds and Blenheim. The only tour we can find in March is this one:...
5 years ago 5
For your reading pleasure
My older DD gave me this book for Christmas: I already have a few of the pictures in other MMoA books in my growi...
5 years ago
Fun project
My great niece, for whom I made a going-to-college throw last fall, recently asked if I could embroiderer a blanket for her newest sorority sister. "Sure I can," says I. She sent me a picture of...
5 years ago 11
Real work denim!
I started to pick up the papers in the sewing room, but got side-tracked by a Gohn Bros. catalog. They gots work denim!! The information isn't of immediate use, because I still have enough of the...
5 years ago 2
So, what does this year bring?
For me, I have decided that I must rationalise my sewing machine collection and get rid of some of the machines. I can't use all of them so I must move them on to someone who will appreciate them...
5 years ago 17
Happy New Year
A very happy New Year to all of you in here. Hope it will be good one with lots of sewing going well, family prospering, and health blooming. Cheers, U.
5 years ago 6
where can i get a copy of a Bernina Artista 640 Service/Repair manual?
I would love to have a repair or service manual for my Bernina Artista 640. I have been looking on line and can't find one. Would appreciate any info anyone can supply! Thanks!!
5 years ago 2
update on Problem with fabric
I just received an email from saying that even though I washed and cut into the fabric they are refunding my money. Good customer service!! I stay a Happy customer. Which of course is...
5 years ago 1
OT:Merry Christmas
Wishing all a very Merry Christmas! May you stockings all be mended and hung by the chimney, waiting for Santa to fill them with all kinds of goodies. May your sewing machines be cleaning and run...
5 years ago 16
Ping Kay
I'm still looking for fabric for the Granddaughter infinities. I saw some chiffons on that even though they are not animal prints I know will appeal to them :
5 years ago 2
Grip of the day
I wanted to order a fabric swatch today from Mood fabric. The swatch is $1.00, the shipping is $5.00. That doesn't make much sense to me. They are not the only company that charges what I consid...
5 years ago 12
Does anyone know if Phaff varimatic 6091 has an appliqué stitch
I have had my phaff machine for a number of years and love it.. It was discribed as a machine designed for quilters and I have had many
5 years ago 4
maybe I'll just have to sew it up myself
one person I know said my swatches were too small. maybe they were. one big store in Manhattan has swatches much smaller than quilter's pieces.
5 years ago 2