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Another New Home Question!
My New Home Model 2022, serial #920188423 was purchased at a yard sale. It was in a very nice cabinet and I could tell it had been taken care of. I've had it professionally serviced and it sews ...
5 years ago 4
OT: Cape Cod
As many of you know my DH and I owned a summer cottage on Cape Cod. We finalized the sale of the house today. We had it for 44 wonderful years and have 44 years of great memories. The idea of sel...
5 years ago 8
Found my way back
New computer, lost the password to the newsreader I had been using, the server of a friend who has passed away, run by her husband and I'd lost contact with him. So, following my own counsel, I w...
5 years ago 8
how old is New Home model 552?
just bought this in cabinet for $ good and has all parts.just want to know how old it is
5 years ago 2
silk scarf
My oldest DD just got a very glamorous convertible and I think she should have a white silk scarf to wear when she goes out for a ride. I also think I should make it for her as a Christmas gift. M...
5 years ago 15
Good News
For the last 48 hours I have been very VERY worried. My younger DD is manager of the lab at this hospital, and has been on duty almost continuously since her shift started Friday morning: Relea...
5 years ago 9
Halloween sewing
Be grateful you weren't asked to do this: ;-D -- Beverly
5 years ago 5
What's everyone up to?
It's suspiciously quiet here so I am supposing you are all heads down and creating. I have been making reversible hoodies for my stall with a lovely lot of polar fleece that arrived the other we...
5 years ago 12
Montgomery Ward UHT J1267 machine-Needle won't go up & down
Hi - I have a Montgomery Ward Model UHT J1267 sewing machine. I can't get the needle to go up and down. It partially moves, but won't come up out of the bobbin area. Also, I don't have a manual to...
5 years ago 3
almost a perfect square (60 * 61 in)
If I needed a durable tablecloth for a street fair in rather gold tinged being and a dull blue, this is it
5 years ago 2
Brother 920d parts
Hi, I have a Brother 920d, actually it's my sister in laws and I have been making it "pretty" for her. :) not reall --- just cleaning it, oiling it an d making sure it works well. It was handed dow...
5 years ago 1
Hi Cher, Bobbie sent me the notice about the group restarting tomorrow evening. Right now I'm so tided with family commitments I doubt I'll be back before sometime in November. I'll try to get th...
5 years ago 5
Another graduate, another college blanket
This one was for the younger brother of Andrew for whom I made the Dartmouth blanket six years ago. His mother wanted his college logo, his name and several moon phases. Pictures added to the top...
5 years ago 9
Babylock Serger Runs Slow
Hello, I have an older Babylock serger that runs good at first and after a few seconds slows down. I was hoping someone could give me advice on what the problem may be. I think I will try taking apar...
5 years ago 1
any problems with brother 10 needle?
Hi - I am looking at purchasing a Brother 10 needle machine - I have one in mind, because the price is at the top of what I am willing to pay (vs the ones that are several thousand more), however it i...
5 years ago 1