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any problems with brother 10 needle?
Hi - I am looking at purchasing a Brother 10 needle machine - I have one in mind, because the price is at the top of what I am willing to pay (vs the ones that are several thousand more), however it i...
5 years ago 1
BabyLock BLSE300 serger feed dogs not moving
I have a Baby Lock serger model BLSE300. I have not had the chance to use it in quite some time. I tried to use it today, and it is not feeding the fabric through. The feed dogs are not moving at a...
5 years ago 1
how to thread a vogue stich model 109
I just got a Janome Model109 at a yard sale. It s says Vogue Stich on the front. seems to be a single stitch machine but I can't figure out how to thread it. Thanks!
5 years ago 1
Oil applicator
Not only do a sew, but I am also a spinner so I use the same oil applicator to apply oil to both my sewing machines and to my spinning wheels. The best gizmo I've found to do this is the Ashford...
5 years ago
Ping @ Beverly
Hello Beverly, I'm currently spending a lot of time in two German groups on Facebook, one for creative sewing, one for sewing for the chubby. One woman asked about an embroidery machine and I pa...
5 years ago 2
Horrible fabric
I bought some linen from and can't believe how much I dislike it. It's a beautiful beautiful blue in what they refer to as an all purpose weight linen. My Rotary cutter, with a br...
5 years ago 29
stash de-hancement (it can be done)
ignore that feeling of loss... *especially* when it's yardage you *don't even like*
5 years ago
new to me applique concept
bought a little hankie at a local thrift show, white/offwhite lawn with appliques, stitched around the outlines 1. a finer lawn on top of the main fabric 2. a cutout of the finer lawn.
5 years ago
How can I remove the spool holder from my Bernette serger?
I'll be traveling tomorrow (air) and need to get my mom's Bernette Serger o n-board with me (can't trust the baggage handlers to be handling it for me) . The only way to get it to FIT the carry-on r...
5 years ago 1
no garish pink stripe at all
going through what there is of my stash, I found some subtly striped denim-type stuff with a tasteful white flower overfigure. I'd remembered it as pink, I cannot imagine why. I was feeling re...
5 years ago 5
My Singer serger sews beautifully for about 3 inches, then the threads bunch up
-- All has gone well for quite a while with my serger. But this weekend it will sew, bunch up, and jam. I have re-threaded carefully many times. I have changed the needles correctly. At this point, ...
5 years ago 4
Singer 337 speed issue
Hi everyone, I recently inherited a Singer 337 sewing machine from my grand ma. It didn't move at all when I first brought it home. After consulting th e manual and looking inside, I gave it a good ...
5 years ago 4
Tutorial for a dress for a young woman ;-D -- Beverly
5 years ago 5
Look what our Sharon is doing! I love the play on the book title! :-D She has started offering her Swoats at a boutique
5 years ago 3
Hello, anybody in here?
Uh, I haven't seen any posts in here since Beverly reported that indecent spammer. Is everybody just quiet or did my newsreader refuse to post? If you see me and/or did post something, please some...
5 years ago 8