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I don't get it! I love hardware stores. LOL -- Beverly
5 years ago 5
Productive use of inherited fabric stash
I have many *many* small-to-large pieces of cotton prints from the 50s-60-&70s, inherited from my mother and mother-in-law. Many were used to make clothes for my DDs. I was constitutionally una...
5 years ago 6
Ideas for embellished tote bags
These were really fun and easy. The bags came from -- Beverly
5 years ago 2
if it's not being mfrd
it's probably hard to find I had an "idea" for an item requiring a symmetrical plaid, in a shirting (or linen ) weight everything I find is not a square, but a rectangle e.g. 1 1/4 in b...
5 years ago 2
A couple of new projects
I embellished another fleece throw for a graduate: (added to the top) And customized a couple of tote bags for my DGD and DD: (added to the to...
5 years ago 16
A muslin I'll be able to wear
Last year I swore off making any woven tops. Primarily because I always have to do so much in the way of alterations. I had a piece of fabric that was given to me by someone who was reducing her ...
5 years ago 10
I need a manual for a Babylock Special Edition
I am looking for a manual a Babylock serger BLSE 300. Can anyone tell me where to get one? THANKS
5 years ago
Polartec© throws on sale
would be useful to someone here: "Throws buy 2 get 1 free! Plus free shipping on throws." In my experience, they cut generously, ...
5 years ago 1
Quilting is the subject
I do quilting and wondered if others out there also quilt? I am worki ng on a quilt top called Squash Blossom which I got from the quilting magaz ine Fons and Porters "Love of Quilting" March/...
5 years ago 4
ive got a graybar model rbr needing a owners manual plz that any1 would share
5 years ago 12
Challenges come in all sizes
A very special project, for a friend of my older daughter: -- Beverly
5 years ago 10
A Graduation Gift for Andy
A little birdie tells me it landed on a doorstep in AR today, so I can reveal my most recent machine embroidery project (top of the page): ...
5 years ago 4
help reading
I am burdened with 'Windows Live Mail' now. Before, the messages were grouped by subject. With this miserable unwanted and unavoidable new and improved setup (grrr), the posts are coming in by d...
5 years ago 3
Does any one know where to find a MW Model J sewing machine bobbin case?
The model number is "model J" and 35 CNS 1982 (on a plaque on the carrying case). This was from Montgomery Wards. Other markings include NSMCO. This was made possibly in the 50's. Th...
5 years ago 1
needing tension help?
Both of my Berninas have become very strange. They will stitch a fine straight stitch BUT when I drop the feeddogs to free-motion quilt, the bobbin thread sort of just lays loose with the upper th...
5 years ago 11