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Needle hitting bottom of bobbin case
I own a Singer Inspiration sewing machine . model #4228.with a drop in bobbin case. While sewing a thick sweater the needle shaft jammed in the down position. I finally got it unjammed, but I can't se...
5 years ago 3
DGD's Senior Prom dress
Happy, sad, and relieved all at once. I really wish she had made it herself, but she's too busy. I wish she had asked me to make it, but time is now too short. :-} However, she chose a beautif...
5 years ago 11
Thanks, everyone
I have shared all your kudos with my DGD. I am still coming to grips with the enormity of it all. Just incredible, it feels like winning the mega-bucks lottery, only I don't have to pay taxes. ...
5 years ago
Happy Easter
Hope everyone has a Blessed Easter day! Barbara in SC --- news:// - complaints: ---
5 years ago 1
Prom dress help!
I bought a prom dress that is 100% polyester. The dress is kind of pleated, and after getting the dress in the mail I decided I wasn't a big fan of it. I was wondering if I could iron out the pleats s...
5 years ago 3
[way, Way, WAY off topic] But I have to share
My DGD, (who sews, so perhaps a *little* on topic) is a bassoonist who want to be a professional musician. This being her final year in high school, she is applying to colleges. She has been acc...
5 years ago 11
Your First Easter dress?
Well, not really your first, but what's the first one you remember? Mine was lavender organdy with picot edges on all the ruffles. Itched and scratched like the Dickens but I felt SO pretty in i...
5 years ago 4
[OT] Security bug
Be careful out there! A newly discovered security bug nicknamed Heartbl...
5 years ago 5
Are you aware the Pensacola quilt show is this coming weekend?
5 years ago 7
Hi There: I don't post often but I do read this group always and thoroughly enjoy all the on-going discussions, so I figured I should participate once in awhile instead of just lurking. Soooo...
5 years ago 11
ping Beverly
NOTHING you have ever posted about Academy Awards or such can compete with this. I so remember previous first ladies with class and grace. Just look:
5 years ago 6
Back again
Hi all, Back in the land of sewing after 3 weeks in the sun . Vitamin D fully charged up now and I am ready to roll for the spring exhibitions. DH found and brought without consultation 5 Metres ...
5 years ago 5
Lovin' the internet!
My older DD asked me yesterday if I still have any of the patterns for the formals I made for high school dances in the 1950s. I suspect my DGD is preparing to make her senior prom dress. I was ...
5 years ago 4
Computer issues
Last Friday, my computer locked up tight, would not boot at all. I'm fairly comfortable with trying stuff, but nothing I did worked. Finally conceded defeat and called my cousin-the-tech-guy, who ...
5 years ago 5
Ping Kay
If I want to add a yoke to the back of a Tee shirt to give me added length for my rounded back, and get a style change do I do the slash and spread thing from the center back of the yoke? Or wo...
5 years ago 2