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Pillow update
I deliver the pillows to my DDIL this morning and she Loves them. Makes me very happy to please her.
6 years ago 3
Back story: DD and DGD are traveling to several colleges for auditions at their music conservatories. DD: "Mom, could you hem these pants for me before I leave for NYC next Friday?" Sure, sez ...
6 years ago 10
How to change belt on singer 758 sewing machine?
My belt needs replacing. What is the procedure to get it off the shaft and not get everything out of time?
6 years ago 5
My project last summer
This was a challenge. I loved the fabric, but there was just a small piece left on the Red Dot sale table, and I searched every other JoAnn's in the area for more with no luck. However... http...
6 years ago 19
pattern search success
Well. For goodness sake. I needed a blouse to wear with suits. Button down the front. No collar. Also, no stuff such as a neckline that would reveal my bellybutton, 5-point swaggy hem or wild and...
6 years ago 9
<ping> Ursula
You do magnificent work! Your package came yesterday, I have added pictures of it to the page with Christine's badges: (bottom of the page...
6 years ago 18
Great British Sewing Bee is bcak
Yes, the great british sewing bee is back on for series 2 . I am still waiting to see f anyone puts it into you tube so I can send the link, in the meantime if anyone is using Chrome or Firefox...
6 years ago 2
Another two bite the dust
I'm making headway on my to-do list. Here is the apron I made for older DD for Christmas, ready to be delivered as soon as she gets back from Cleveland (she and DGD are on a college audition tri...
6 years ago 19
Pillow covers
I started the throw pillow covers for my DDIL earlier this week. These are using the VERY EXPENSiVE fabric I talked about awhile ago. I have 2 done and 2 to go. I started the third one today. They...
6 years ago 30
Kenmore Convertible Sewing Machine Model 1785
Hello, any ideas on where to get a replacement Foot Controller for this machine? Thank You
6 years ago 5
Interesting concept
Someone posted this link in an email list, and I thought it interesting enough to post here. -- Joanne stit...
6 years ago 1
Hello Beverly, look into your beidesigns account at hotmail, there's mail for you! ;-) U.
6 years ago 3
What stitch width do you use for machine quilting using walking foot
What stitch width do I use for quilting with a walking foot?
6 years ago 1
Gone to the Dogs
A dear neighbor came down from Indianapolis with her big short haired dog, and she forgot the dogs coat. So we went to the thrift store and got a long sleeve, V neck sweater for the dog! I cut o...
6 years ago
Commercial Pattern Problems
I have noticed that commercial patterns from the big companies design the front of a woman's bodice pattern to measure the same length as the back. This results in the front being shorter than the ba...
6 years ago 1