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OT: remembering a past sig
Well I searched alt.sewing in google groups for as many words as I thought I could remember to no avail. Can someone help me remember or find the sig/adage that had a general gist of: being ki...
6 years ago 1
Maintaining Stitch Length Over Thick Side Seams?
Hello! I knew how to do this many a couple of decades ago -- can't remember how I did it now . . . I have some pants I'm heming with a straight stitch -- many rows of a straight stitch, actual...
6 years ago 4
Yay, back to sewing!
I finally packed up the last of the holiday decorations yesterday and can, with good conscience, start some projects. The reason it took so long to pack up was that the lights on the artificial tr...
6 years ago 6
More About Bug Screen
A neighbor heard about me repairing our van bug screen and asked if I had any ideas about repairing the hole in her screen on the back porch. So I got our a large embroidery needle, THE thread an...
6 years ago 2
Ping: Cyp
I haven't seen you posting for a while. Hope everything is all right in Texas! My messages to you keep bouncing! I saw on the TV where snow might be on it's way to East TX. Stay Warm! Barbara i...
6 years ago
how to cut a pattern on the bias
Hi there ~ I've made Butterick 5679 (View B) in jersey fabric and it's been a success. The pattern calls for a moderate crosswise stretch jersey.
6 years ago 5
follow up on Christmas sewing
Yesterday was Christmas at our house. I had made 8 infinity scarves for 6 adults. I now have no scarves left and request to make some more. It's very satisfying to make something and have people a...
6 years ago 3
Bug Screen for Van
Way before Christmas I had asked Polly about which thread she used to make her awning because I wanted to use the same thing to repair a bug screen for our van. I ended up using an upholstery thr...
6 years ago 5
I went to an "improve your vocabulary" quiz on the web, and one of the "wrong" answers given for "organize" was "dig". So I turned the quiz off, even though I prefer "excavate". -- joy bees...
6 years ago 1
Christmas sewing
I know it seems a little late or a lot early for Christmas sewing, but I'm finally finishing up my 2013 Christmas sewing. I was ill for the 3 weeks prior to Christmas with pneumonia. I didn't feel...
6 years ago 9
Further saga of the Bernina 950
I have had more problems with my Bernina 950. Having cured the timing in May I then had a broken cog in August. I then had a repeat of the looping of the threads underneath which then threw t...
6 years ago 21
<ping> Sharon "The Swoat Gal"
Sharon, I was purusing my latest Nancy's Notion catalog, and thught this would be a perfect additon to your line of Swoats:
6 years ago 1
Serger cover
I just had a brilliant idea. The serger here may be used constantly or could be idle for a month or more. With all the dust and fluff from quilting, it needed a cover that would shield it but I ...
6 years ago 4
OT:Happy New Year,
enjoy the music and scenery Juno
6 years ago 1
Happy New Year
Just to wish all the sewists here a very happy new year . I hope your resolutions are achievable. Mine is to be more organised. I can hope can't I. -- Claire in Montreal FRANCE www.claireowen...
6 years ago 11