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OT Sad News
Our son called last night to tell us the apartment next door caught fire. All the apartments in the building were destroyed and everything in them. Thank God they got out alive. At least they can...
6 years ago 10
Is fusible tape the answer for hemming pants?
I have about 20 suits and a good 6 of them have at least one of the pants leg hems in some state of unsew-dom. For those of you who have this, it sometimes gets worse when you put the pants on be...
6 years ago 4
singer 99k have timing problem
My singer was sewing prefect..than I needed to fill my bobbin . When I filled the bobbin my singer wont pick up the bobbin thread. It is old with the knee lever to sew.
6 years ago 1
Happy Holidays
Just a quick wish that all of you have a wonderful holiday season. I hope you finish all of your special projects, and that the recipient is happy and grateful for the gift of your hard work and cre...
6 years ago 5
OT: an early Christmas gift from me
Here's a little gift from me for those of you who enjoy flash mobs and watching someone because they love to sing Christmas music. Juno
6 years ago 4
remplir la bobine d'une Singer Cocktail modèle 6252
je suis pu capable de remplir la bobine, je suie les instructions puis rien, il est automatique, la bobine se fait dans son support, peut-être avez vous une vidéo sur youtube pour m'aider, c'était...
6 years ago 2
Ping: Cyp
My messages to you are bouncing again. Don't know why. Barbara --- news:// - complaints: ---
6 years ago
Single layer gathering foot
Is it possible to gather material without placing a flat piece of fabric on top of it? If you had some stretched out boxer shorts that the elastic was tired and wanted to tighten them up, why not...
6 years ago 9
Day after thanksgiving sewing room clean up
I have a friend who just relocated to assisted living. She has been clearing out here sewing room before The closing on the house. She gave me a beautiful wood sewing table. It's quite old( I bel...
6 years ago 12
Thankful Thanksgiving Day
and Happy Hanukkah to all the wonderful sewists!
6 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving to all my sewing friends across-the-pond and around the world. Wishing you a day filled with family, friends, fun & good food. Hope you find a little time to sew too :-) Lizz...
6 years ago 2
where is the oiling point on the hook of a Bernina 950?
My dealing has gone out of business and the manual doesn't show very clearly where to oil the hook. Does anyone know?
6 years ago 3
i need to konw how to change the upper looper in a singer ultralock serger
I've broken the upper looper in my singer serger ( can't tell you how, but I did) went on ebay and purchased a replacement part. I though i would screw in but I can't. it's a different screw then...
6 years ago 15
Busy week
I've been busy working on a fleece robe for me this week. Simplicity #2482. The sewing is the easiest part. I had to do a FBA in front and a big adjustment on the back because I have become ver...
6 years ago 13
OT Cyp
My messages to you are bouncing for some reason. We have an old address file that has been installed so maybe I have an old address for you. My address is the same. Hope to hear from you! Barbar...
6 years ago