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Sewing Machine with Simple Blanket Stitch
I am looking for a new sewing machine that has a simple blanket stitch. My existing machine, Janome CXL301 has only one blanket stitch that goes: one stitch forward, one stitch back, one stitch for...
6 years ago 1
Serger Manual
Hello everyone I just bought a used industrial serger and I've looked every where online about it and have found absolutely nothing. Which is dishearte ning. I am hoping someone some where has heard...
6 years ago 1
Ping Polly
I was wondering what type or kind of thread you used on the awning you made? No I'm not gonna make one, BUT I'm considering replacing the screen "Bug Catcher" on our Van. The car place does not m...
6 years ago 7
Ping Kate
Has anybody seen our Kate? Do you think we need to check the jail and the hobo guys at the freight yard? She sure has been quiet. You just never know. Polly
6 years ago 4
Ping cyp
Happy Veterans Day to all our Veterans on alt sew! Barbara in FL --- news:// - complaints: ---
6 years ago
I Need a penncrest 2601 sewing machine Manual
I received a 2601 penncrest sewing machine sold by JC Penney designed in the us and made in Japan. If you are familiar with this machine you know the stitch settings can be complicating to figure out...
6 years ago 2
Which Sewing machine FAQ does anyone have it?
I was wondering if anyone on the group still hosts the Which sewing machine FAQ page as yet again someone has asked me that question and I wanted to point them in the right direction . If no o...
6 years ago 8
Awning: the final voyage
Back in July I told you I was going to try to replace the awning at our backdoor. Conclusions: The Bernina 550QE did just fine. The construction was quite simple. Hefting and heaving the weight...
6 years ago 4
What thick thread is used to hem blue jeans to give that bold look?
Blue Jean trimming thread..... What and where can I find the thicker threads for use on blue jeans trim? Need yesterday.....TIA
6 years ago 6
HELP! Enina Lotus TSP
Hi. My dad gave us an old Elina Lotus TSP as 1 of our wedding presents & its doing my head in. Most of the time I cant get the lower spool thread into the tensioner, that gives me problems. Whenever I...
6 years ago 4
Need Ideas to re-use vinyl
We are taking down old mini blinds and putting up heavy vinyl shades to keep out the sun. Lowe's very nicely cut off the shades to the correct width and I brought home the cut-off part that is ...
6 years ago 10
New project for the week
My dear daughter-in- law asked me to make some throw pillows and I said yes. Another case of jumping in without looking, for me. When she gave me the dimension of the pillows she wanted, I figured...
6 years ago 8
Funny sewing machine diagram
By someone who prefers drawing to sewing? I've always wondered what the uppydowny was called. ;-D -- Beverly
6 years ago 5
OT: The state of Usenet
Hard facts. Usenet is dying. Going the way of the Bulletin Board. ISPs are dropping, or have dropped, access to newsgroups. Connecting is no longer so simple, now you have to find a service, si...
6 years ago 5
list of suppliers lost
All hail, my sewing compadres. I haven't hung out here is a while. I've not been sewing, either, but have some mending to do to get me back in the groove. I've lost my list of sewing supply so...
6 years ago 4