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You know what really bugs me lately? People who post once, asking for help, you answer to the best of your ability, ask them to come back and they never show up again. If you only come by once to...
6 years ago 24
The latest
My grand-puppy's raincoat: -- Beverly
6 years ago 10
hem t-shirt
Please help me remember the tricks. A friend of mine is going to a big deal football game this weekend. She has a team shirt But says it is dress length. I haven't shortened a knit shirt in decad...
6 years ago 7
What I like about this recipe is that you could also use rice or quinoua.You can also use another dry fruit. Just make sure that if you use something else they don't have sulfites, especially apr...
6 years ago 2
Home for the winter
DH and I got home yesterday. We closed the Cape house for the winter. That always makes me a bit melancholy. I hate closing up. While there I did some hand sewing. I finished some dresser scarves...
6 years ago
husqvarna 2000 old green enamel, loops and swaying thread below sunbrella fabric
I am trying to get my Husqvarna 2000 running just right and cannot get the thread below two layers of sunbrella to look right. The thread below the f abric loops and no matter how tight i have the...
6 years ago 4
I'm back again
Hello, This has been a terrible year for me, especially sewing & correspondence. Even with a new great-grandson, I can't get myself in gear to do much of anything. But today, I really have felt...
6 years ago 13
pattern weights
Cross-posted and this may not work - but if it does, you're going to love it. Just look here! OT (but close) I was surprised at how pricey, especially 'shipping' costs, pattern weights are. Mine ...
6 years ago 8
singer 600 chainstitch
I just recently bought the chain stitch attachment. I have downloaded the i nstruction guide. I don't understand the directions under the "sewing a cha in stitch seam" section. Its tells me to put n...
6 years ago 2
Bernina 1000 Special and Bernina 930
I have a chance to buy a sewing cabinet made for a Bernina 930 and can't fi gure out if it will work for my Bernina 1000 special or not. It's a 2 plus hour drive to see the thing so don't want to ...
6 years ago 1
OT away again
We are leaving tomorrow for the last trip of the year to the beach.As usual I can't post,but can follow along on google.Enjoy this glorious fall weather and I'll be back with an occasion comment ...
6 years ago
OT Had to share this
This is for the over 40 crowd "A Woman goes back to work after 30 years." Juno
6 years ago 2
imaginary hat pattern
I thought I had it, then I thought I saw it in a back issue of Burda. There's a picture of a boughten hat but no pattern. I'd gone through most of what I had in boxes too. Spilled them all o...
6 years ago 3
Lurker Posting for a change
I have been following what little of this newsgroups appears through my server. I am guessing this newsgroup is based on a selective server. I have an old problem with depression/ anxiety but the o...
6 years ago 3
I'm Back!
My old computer quit and it has been a couple of weeks before I could get back on the newsgroups. Cyp, my son was up today and he and DH got the problems fixed so I am good to send personal messa...
6 years ago 2