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Having a blast!
It's been an odd year so far... Bit of a blast, but lots of fun along the way! The last bit of insane FTL sewing included two wedding gowns and a suit! We made two wedding gowns for a photo s...
6 years ago 2
Ping: Kate
This is a few months old, but I hadn't seen it before and maybe you didn't either. Or did, and it's old news. Anyway --
6 years ago 1
I sooooo sympathize!
Snoopy lost his most treasured possessions:
6 years ago 1
Looking for a part for a Necchi 523 any ideas?
Need the part that holds the needle in the Necchi model 523. Dropped it on the floor and still have not found it! Want to replace it if possible. Thanks
6 years ago 2
good day making a repair
Some days you do something that makes you feel really good.Just a little sewing job. My 24 y.o. DGD asked me if I could fix a zip in a dress she has. She's working hard and putting herself through...
6 years ago 7
Spring fashions must haves
Be prepared to go dumpster diving for "surplus olives"! TOMMY HILFIGER There were colorblocked neoprene...
6 years ago
My serger will turn on, but won't run
Perhaps someone might be able to help me. I was given a Kenmore serger from a friend. I threaded it, plugged it in an d turned it on. The light turns on but when I press the pedal, nothing happ en...
6 years ago 1
Fray block - what's it like once dried?
Is it hard like plastic or soft like rubber? Would it survive in a high stress application such as a repair to jeans without cracking? Mike
6 years ago 8
Ping: Polly
Hi Remember a few days ago talking about the unusual fork with one long middle prong? You mentioned how it is unusual to see crawfish on the fine dining buffet? Yesterday I went to a new resta...
6 years ago
I'm home from Cape Cod
Hi everyone, I returned last evening from my second stint of the summer on Cape Cod. I was there for 3 weeks in July, home for 1 week and then stayed for 5 weeks. I loved every minute of my tim...
6 years ago 3
Sewing with DGD
This summer I have been doing some hand sewing with granddaughter and talking about sewing in general. She has been watching me sew on my machine. So today I got out the 1950's Singer (I had it...
6 years ago 1
950 Back in Action
I finally managed to get time to take the 950 to my service man on Tuesday. Very luckily for me he had a quiet morning and was able to put it right while I was in Town . I have a two hour round ...
6 years ago 8
An amazing project --
6 years ago 1
Spoiled dog alert!
Younger daughter and her husband don't (technically) have children. They have an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel female, named McKenzie. They are going on a car trip in November to Vancouv...
6 years ago 6
fantasy hat pattern
picture of a hat in a back Burda issue surfaced in my mind as a pattern. but it wasn't. oh, well, I did get out all the stored patterns to look through.
6 years ago