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Is there anyone using the ver 9 of Dress Shop and having success with Pants?
I used Dress Shop version 2. I believe it was the very first version. I stopped sewing then later upgraded to Version 4, then 5 and now I've upgraded again to version 9. I haven't actually drafted ...
6 years ago 1
Sale on notions, today only
TSWLTH flyer has a coupon for 70% off the entire notions wall (limited to "regularly priced" items). I'm planning to stock up on needles and stabilizers and whatever else jumps into my basket. ...
6 years ago
Sewing an Awning?
Mr. Esther wonders why *I* don't sew new canvas awnings for our back door and side door. My beloved Berninas have never liked to stitch a hem on denim jeans and I wondering if they would kick and ...
6 years ago 11
Replacing snaps on a pair of pants
My friend has asked me to see if I can fix a pair of pants for him -- they're relatively new. The front snap has come off. We found some replacements, but they don't fit into the part of the snap ...
6 years ago 10
I am having problems with the stitch length on my white 534
I have a White super lock 534,and even though I have the stitch length set on 4 it is stitching for a rolled hem. It dosen't matter where the stitch length nobe is set (1-4), it still stitchs close fo...
6 years ago 2
My grandmothers White Super Lock 534 and it will not sew what do I do?
I inherited my grandmothers White Super Lock 534 and have not used one before. I don't have the instruction manual and it will not sew. I have it threaded correctly but it seems to be in a bind. Any...
6 years ago 2
Looking for sewing jobs from out of my home! 9 years experience
Hello, My name is Katie Herschberger and I am looking for sewing jobs from out of my home. I was born and raised Amish and we made all of our own clothes, I have been sewing since I was 14 years old...
6 years ago
[OT] For all you music lovers out there
Especially the ones in the UK: My granddaughter is playing with the Nation Youth Orchestra of the United States, in concert at the Proms tom...
6 years ago 7
Ping @ Kay Lancaster
Hello Kay, it's me again, about that pattern drafting stuff for pants. I replied to your post some while ago, and I tried to mail you privately. That bounced, and I didn't dare bothering Kate fo...
6 years ago
eyes for hooks: still being made?
I'm about to sew waistbands onto the two pairs of jeans I've just made, and that means sewing eight hooks and forty eyes. The forty eyes wouldn't be so tedious were it not that all the time I'm...
6 years ago 8
Back again
Did you miss me? Been off newsgroups for a bit as our new (purchased in march) computer had a melt down! Well we used it didn't we . Now I have found where the newsgroups are hidden I have reinsta...
6 years ago 1
Fabric: Aaarrgghhh!
I bought several yards of this: Intending to make a top to go with a teal linen jacket, and perhaps if the fabric was light eno...
6 years ago 7
Hi from Cape Cod (Juno)
Forwarded by request: On Sunday, July 07, 2013 11:39 AM,
6 years ago 5
Used my embroidery machine
Love my Singer embroidery machines! I just used my Singer XL5000 to make a high school graduation gift. I machine embroidered an off-white fleece throw as a graduation gift for one of my great...
6 years ago
serger thread?
I stitch miles and miles of receiving blankets and burp cloths for Newborns in Need. My serger thread stash is running low. I see there are several brands of serger thread available now. I confe...
6 years ago 5