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DGD's Little Black Dress
I didn't have much lead time on this project. I was asked on the 9th if I could make her a performance dress, we discussed style, and drew sketches, then shopped for fabric on the 11th. I pre-was...
6 years ago 4
The prom frock saga! -- Kate XXXXXX R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons Click on Kate'...
6 years ago 9
Serger tension issues
Hi I am new to the group, so forgive me as I'm learning the ins n outs of t his group. First I suppose I should introduce myself?? :) My name is Heidi, I have 4 c hildren, I'm a SAHM----and I'm bui...
6 years ago 18
Ping Threads readers: have I missed anything?
My subscription to Threads Magazine is up for renewal. On the one hand, it seems silly to re-subscribe when I have eleven issues in my to-be-read pile. On the other hand, when I get around to r...
6 years ago 5
Again PING @ Pogonip
Hello Joanne, how did Friday go? Are you OK or did they keep you there? Give us a shout about what's up with you, please; heart issues are always a bit scary, not only for those who have them. ...
6 years ago 27
Expert opinions, please?
I have some black lace, sort of a chantilly design with scalloped edges both sides, but not terribly expensive. I'm making a Little Black Dress for my granddaughter, who was accepted by the Nation...
6 years ago 10
<PING> Pogonip
I have not been ignoring you. I discovered, after seeing others reply to several of your messages, but not having them download locally, that somehow your posting address was added to my blocked ...
6 years ago 11
Special for Beverly
Came across this. Thought I heard it crying out: "Beverlyyyyyyyyyy" -- Joanne stitches @
6 years ago 5
Possibly OT?
I just bought a steam station iron. I sure do hope it works OK.
6 years ago 1
Interesting site
This is an interesting site - I'll be curious to see reactions. -- Joanne stitches @
6 years ago 2
<PING> Juno
Saw this: and thought of you. ;-)
6 years ago 5
Hand sewing
I was working on a piece of very sheer material and trying to put on a rolled hem with my serger. Just wasn't working. So I looked up tutorials for hand sewn rolled hems and found this one: http...
6 years ago 5
Happy Mother's Day!
6 years ago 3
Additional lemondade (thanks Juno)
I bought several yards online of black-and-white geometric print. I hoped to make a summer jacket with it. However, it turned out to be shirting-weight. That's one of the difficulties with buy...
6 years ago 2
Lemonade from lemons or where to get enough steam when needed
When our dear Sharon Hayes, who I wish had time to post here sometimes, sent me directions on how to put in an elastic waist band, told me to steam like mad when I finished sewing the band. My poo...
6 years ago 7