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Help? Badly printed pattern instructions!
I bought Vogue 8481 a few years ago, just to have it in my collection, I never even opened the envelope. Now, I want to make a...
6 years ago 4
had to share
This is the note I received from my granddaughter in reference to the 2 AG doll outfits I made for her. It is a special gift for me. I love her phonetic spelling. .hi i got the things they are so...
6 years ago 6
Barbara, Today is not my day with a computer. Idon't know i f you got this answer before so I try again. things are going to places I just didn't intend them to go to. Bobbie,there is an error...
6 years ago 1
Pillow Yardage
Hi Angela , i found this chart which I think will help you decide how much fabric you need for the pillows. Even though I don't usually make welts you still need about the same amounts for knif...
6 years ago 3
Singer Stylist 834 TIMING Belt
I have a Singer Stylist 834. This is a good machine but I needed to replace the timing Belt and motor Drive belts. I repair engines so i thought i could take this minor task on. In short, the Belts a...
6 years ago 3
todays project
I was freezing this morning, remembered I had a very pretty sweater knit sitting in the stash. So I made my self a Ruana. I didn't have enough thread in the right color to do it on the serger, so...
6 years ago 4
electronic start to foot pedal?
How do I change my Singer featherweight 75 from electronic start/stop back to my foot pedal control?
7 years ago 1
Red carpet?
What's this? Not a word about it yet? I rose early this morning to slake my thirst for dress gossip and nobody in here cared to lose a word about the most recent Academy Awards. OK, so I'm first t...
7 years ago 3
Which thread color?
I am making a garment for my sister using a black and white print. There will be topstitching, buttonholes, buttons, etc. I will probably make up a couple of samples, but I'm curious, which t...
7 years ago 14
Pictures of my doll clothes
7 years ago
how do i sew a fly into long underwear
my husband loves under armor for long underwear but non of them come with a fly. how do I add one?
7 years ago 3
Ping Ron Anderson
Hi, Kay Lancaster sent me to this site and thought you may be able to help me. I broke one of the needles (stitch finger???) off my needle stitch pl ate for my Viking 905. She thought you may kn...
7 years ago 1
sterling silver findings
Silver beads and findings is Wholesale supplier of sterling silver jewellery making components, Beads, Chains, Charms, semi precious stones in various shapes and sizes. http://www.silverbeadsandfind...
7 years ago
Dress for AG doll
I just have some finishing touches to put on the first of 4 doll outfits for 2 DGD's. The first one is a little blue dress with tiny white flowers and a white collar. I've gone about this as if ...
7 years ago 8
Stocking Gifts?
Just found these: Perfect for all the sewists on your list? ;-> NAYY -- Beverly
7 years ago 4