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Does velcro come in colors?
Looking for various colors of velcro . What retail stores carry the same?
7 years ago 2
my posts
I haven't seen any answers to my recent posts, so I am wondering if the group is reciving them or not. Emily
7 years ago 5
ping: Ursula
Ursula have a look at the Jacket about #/4 down the page and see if it's similar to what you want Juno
7 years ago 12
old singer machine, help needed
I have an old singer machine that I'm trying to renovate. I think its a'Victorian model 27' but i need to confirm this to start sourcing spare parts. Description: the serial number is on a plate inset...
7 years ago 2
ot: changes news to teranews
I've changed to another group with the hope this works for more than one or two posts. I'm sorry to keep bothering everyone with this aggravations, but I'll only be able to solve the problem by tr...
7 years ago 8
Next cape
I'm making my sister a cape from this fleece: I ordered it without being able to touch it, and it seems a little light-weight compared to the Polartec I ha...
7 years ago 13
Organizing thread and other stuff
Today's (15 Jan 2013) Superior Threads Newsletter included a tip on using milkshake straws --soda straws are too thin-- to keep your spools and bobbins together.
7 years ago 2
Hijacked posts
I caught on to this at a local sewing site: All of our individual posts here at Google groups have been lifted and copied on a site called 'sew girls', out of Washington, DC. Also,our posts--our...
7 years ago 5
More pics uploaded!
Here's what I spent a good deal of my last sewing course with: She loves the cardigan but since her love is fickle, her new snow outfit completely outs...
7 years ago 4
Pur down your coffee cups!
I know it's not, strictly speaking, about "sewing", but this struck my funny bone: -- Beverly
7 years ago 3
Sewing flannel with serger?
I bought a Juki off of a friend and am in the process of learning what I can do with a serger. I have always sewn on a sewing machine, so serging is very new to me. I am in the process of making a fla...
7 years ago 1
Some of you know I had a long hiatus from this group. Alt.sewing was a lo t busier a place when I first joined the conversation, a few years ago, as was rec.craftstextilessewing, which seems to h...
7 years ago 5
Happy New YEar
Happy New Year everyone. I hope your year is happy and healthy and that your sewing machines sew perfect seams and make beautiful projects. Juno
7 years ago 5
A delicate matter
The economy here is such that washable diapers and diaper covers are a critical need. Some of you will remember the awful plastic pants we used over diapers. Stitching prefolded diapers isn't ki...
7 years ago 6
how do you change needle position on a Bernina 1530?
Cannot recall how to change the needle position on my machine for the zipper foot, etc. Have scoured the manual but cannot find instructions. Please help?
7 years ago 1