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ping Beverly
I am teaching a niece to sew from 2,000 miles away. Decided I needed help. Remembered your rec. for Reader's Digest book. I even remembered that the older editions may be better. Thank you so very...
7 years ago 3
new sewing room
I haven't been near my sewing machine in a couple of months.I just couldn't stand going down to the sewing room any more. I felt like I was isolated from the world. I had a bit of a melt down beca...
7 years ago 17
The Whidbey
7 years ago 2
Hi! What is the best machine for a beginner?
I have a 9 year old daughter who would like to learn to sew. I have always been interested in learning as well and thought this would be a great idea for us to learn together. What would be the best ...
7 years ago 2
Swing 'N Sew
Hi! New here, and I just had a question for the group. I just got a nifty Penncrest Swing 'N Sew machine, circa 1970 model, on Freecycle. Had all the accessories, and even the manual - yay! I'm...
7 years ago 27
Needed: Pattern for Bouffant Style Surgical Cap with band
-- I have been searching for a Bouffant style Surgical Cap with band in the front. Not one that is elastic all the way around but has elastic just in the back. If anyone can help me I would apprec...
7 years ago 1
The Perfect Sewing Room
Saw this in the newspaper this a.m., and am now in lust. Check out I'm partial to the 'zip' model, with lots of light.Just think, you could have a sewing or art studio for under $...
7 years ago 8
Holiday countdown
Done: Two tablecloths, 16 big napkins, a muslin sloper for long-distance fi tting of a pattern for a black lace tunic. Next up is making an old but lov ely mink stole into a lux bed pillow for my ne...
7 years ago
I need a user manual for an Elna SU 62C Does anyone have one they can send to me
my e-mail is ..... THANK YOU VERY MUCH...
7 years ago 3
<ping> Ron Anderson
Ron, I am going tomorrow to pick up my beloved Bernette MO 2-3-4 from a local OSMG. A few weeks ago I managed to screw the stitch length adjuster screw off too far and the nut and washer fell ...
7 years ago 11
Picture upload!
At last I managed to install the camera docking station including software and update for it to my computer and have been able to move the pics from the camera to my files and from there to Pinter...
7 years ago 3
Fleece Fun Site
My mum just emailed me a link to a fun site with some free basic projects for fleece so I thought I would share. - Claire in Montreal FRANCE
7 years ago
WAKE UP!! It's past time to start your Christmas sewing!!
Whatcha making? You sew folk have been sleeping all year. There have been no new posts in a long time.Where is everyone? Cea
7 years ago 9
The Perfect Sewing Machine Sales/Repairman
Well, no one is perfect...but here are a few things which decide who get s my machine money, and please feel free to continue the discussion: 1) He will be interested in establishing a relations...
7 years ago 3
Patch pocket design
Last washday, while brushing lint out of the pockets of DH's Carhart pants, I discovered that the restrained double row of straight stitching on the back pocket isn't merely decorative: the bottom...
7 years ago 2