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Dinosaur goes shopping for new machine
Well, that's what it felt like...the sales/repairman, lacking any Janomes , set me up on a Brother machine, and walked away to tend another customer. I spent a couple of weird minutes rooting a...
7 years ago 18
family of origin tissues
1. small piece of "homespun" wool 2. some yards of a silk check 3. more yards of a silk leaf print. mostly in blue & green, some with white or tan. not unattractive, but I haven't found a use for...
7 years ago
Feeling like a stuffed turkey!
The Bacofoil effect! -- Kate XXXXXX R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the Chocolate Buttons...
7 years ago 8
Anyone in Cardiff South Wales?
Hi Everyone, I am about to move to Cardiff in South Wales and I'm looking for a dressmaking course. I understand the basics, but looking for some more advanced classes. Anyone any tips of who's wh...
7 years ago 2
More Baby Blankets
We are down in FL for the Winter. A dear friend's GD lives close by and her baby is due in just 3 weeks and I will be making her baby boy a beautiful blue plaid blanket to go with a few other items...
7 years ago
OT: My youngest daughter has acheived her dream
My youngest daughter was hired as a full time Special Ed. teacher at the school she has worked in for 5 years. She has been working as a Teaching Assistant there. She has been going to classes after...
7 years ago 7
Just your opinion?
What did you think of Micelle Obama's dress for the final debate? I was disappointed. With all the designers probably willing to kill for the opportunity to say she wore 'their' dress I was hoping ...
7 years ago 9
Another quicky sewing project
My favorite RTW navy fleece jacket had a broken zipper, the coil pulled away from the tape near the bottom :-(. I bought a 26" two-way separating jacket zipper (I love to be able to slide them ope...
7 years ago 11
Small projects
I am awaiting an order of 2 batches of Polartec for capes next week, so I don't want to get started on a big project, such as the nice cashmere blend wool coat I am going to make for myself (black ...
7 years ago 8
Serger Repair
Hi, I have a Brother 929d Serger that is missing the lower looper. I have ordered the part and plan to get it Friday. I just wanted to see if anyone knew how to install a lower looper on a serger. If ...
7 years ago 3
Sewing for baby
No, not me expecting, but my nephew;s baby is supposed to be here in December. I made a crib size blue fleece blanket for their baby boy. Things are busy here at my house so I bought the other baby...
7 years ago 4
Interesting blog
I love blogs of people who sew and this lady, who is not a tiny or sylphlike woman, makes great retro fashions that really suit her:
7 years ago 9
Ping @ Kate
Hello Kate, how is your hip doing? Is it bursitis? And what are they/you doing about it? I hope that you are better by now. And what about the iron? Have you decided for one, yet? And if, which one...
7 years ago 9
Any one in the Uk up for a challenge?
Apparently the Uk is going to do a Sewing version of The great British bake off. Any one fancy a go? I'm not allowed on 2 counts but I'm sure...
7 years ago
sewing with parachute clothe
------------------------------------- Has anyone sewn or serged parachute clothe. Are there any special techniques that you have discovered in using this fabric? Please share, I have a rip in my p...
7 years ago 2