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Fun with scraps
I had largish scraps left over from the black Polartec fleece cape I made for my DS, so I decided to surprise her with a matching hat. I used Vogue 8704
7 years ago 9
No traffic in days
[If your newsreader tries to display this as HTML, click "view source" to separate the paragraphs.] Just to see whether its really no traffic or my connection is broken, I'm posting a few paragraphs ...
7 years ago 1
Coming up
A week ago I donated another monogrammed Polarfleece200 cape to my high school reunion committee's scholarship fund (egad, 55 years??? It's impossible!). And after bidding closed another person d...
7 years ago
Ping: Kate
Hi Kate, I need to pick your brains. I am sure you posted a link to a site that had good basic patterns for polar fleece tops and bottoms some time back, but I seem to have lost any link to it tha...
7 years ago 2
Side tracked!
I went into my sewing room this AM to make a pair of dressy navy blue slacks for an upcoming reunion. (55!!! Yikes where does the time go???) But before any sewing could take place I had some cle...
7 years ago 13
Ping - Ron, please
The strangest thing - before Hurricane Isaac, I told the owner of a very elderly dachshund who was sheltering here not to worry, that the only thing he could hurt was to chew my foot control wires i...
7 years ago 3
serger feed dog not working
I wrote Babylock today and hoping to get a reply from them. I have an old B= abylock 5180 that has worked for many years with no problem (I purchased it= new many years ago). I tried to use it recent...
7 years ago 2
OT: storm
Polly, I hope you are in a high ,dry area. This is also for any one who is in the storms general vicinity. Juno
7 years ago 4
keep loosing the thread out of the last hole of the lower looper while serging
so i've been trying to figure out what's going on for 2 days...i have a sim= plicity SL350 serger...very simple machine...and i've been using it without= any problems...i sewed some gathered edging t...
7 years ago 14
Spread the addiction
I'm indoctrinating my 11 y.o. Gdd. She is now officially a Sewing Godde= ss. Yesterday she machine-embroidered (using free-hand zig-zag and random-curvy= lines)a pillow-top, and finished sewing ...
7 years ago 2
Serger - Timing maybe?
I just received a Juno 3434D model serger from a friend of mine, and it was= bounced around in the mail a lot, and I think it knocked the timing off or= something. When I lower the needle to try and...
7 years ago 1
Industrial Serger - Stuck Crankshaft / Handwheel / Differential
Hi All. =20 My wife recently purchased a Wilcox & Gibbs Industrial 5-Thread Serger (515= -4-52). The handwheel and crankshaft mechanism are completely stuck and on= ly rotate about 1/8" in either di...
7 years ago 13
Dying of the pretty! Dress diary
I finally posted the dress diary of making the wedding gown: -- Kate XXXXXX R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of the...
7 years ago 5
Good for a chuckle
And it's On Topic here ;-D -- Beverly
7 years ago 1
Coals to New Castle?
At the risk of the above, if anyone doesn't know of this site, she might find it as much fun as I do. I've never bought a thing from them, but they loyally send me their newsletter. http://tinyurl....
7 years ago