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<PING> Juno
In case you don't get sale e-mails from, they are having a rayon challis sale: --...
7 years ago 5
Ursula, I found these 2 patterns today I thought you might like to have a look at. With you could probably make changes in them to come up with something very close to the Garbo Jacket. The first wou...
7 years ago 4
Rubik's Sewing Room!
The Great House Shuffle has started... The GMNT outgrew his room (all of 5'11" wide by 8" long, plus a square for the door!), so is moving into the sewing room. Su and I have outgrown the sewing ro...
7 years ago 17
PING @ Cea
Hi Cea, everybody round here seems to know you so well; only me, who has been posting here for perhaps only four or five years has no idea who you are. Yes, it's a bit bold to ask but perhaps you f...
7 years ago 12
Pattern slipped from dress
I 'slipped' a pattern from a favorite sundress, and finally got around to= sewing it today. Couldn't, of course, find a similar soft rayon blend fabr= ic,so I bought some pretty pink/grey print,a ...
7 years ago 11
Loes Hinse
Hello all, and Juno! Juno pointed me to Loes Hinse design for my tweed jacket pattern, and I promptly fell for the Garbo jacket. When I tried to order, it turned out that the cost would increase by...
7 years ago 11
<Ping> Ron
Ron do you know if this: will provide the necessary information to allow me to swap a part out of a 500 int...
7 years ago 18
Long Time No Sew
Hi all. I've missed our little sewing chats, my rambles and bad jokes. Thought I'd drop by to say HI! Cea
7 years ago 3
Haven't shared this lately
My brother and I were discussing amazing inventions today, and I sent him these links: Scroll down to "lock stitch", then imagine that sequence occurring at 600-to-1200-stitches-per-minute: http://h...
7 years ago 1
Newbie needs some advice
The Mrs has just bought a Brother RL417 basic sewing machine. Is there an on-line guide for the newbie that explains what all the st...
7 years ago 3
The guys wore their new kilts and shirts!
Today, we all went out to the Portland Highland Games: DSIL marched with the Gunn Clan, we wandered around the events and shops (no dance for DGD this year), the fellows bought...
7 years ago 10
interesting size chart
Thought some of y'all might like this one. I was looking for (and found) a chart for bedding sizes. (I found a bunch actually.) Found this one in the search
7 years ago 5
Washing velvet
Hi folks I've checked out the archived advice on this one on this ng. I machine wash= ed a bit of velvet, and all the pile came off. I now want to wash finished = items made from the same batch of fa...
7 years ago 15
OT silk
I tossed my favorite silk nightshirt in the washer with some towels before I let the detergent swish around the washer a bit. Dark green shirt now has ugly brown splotches. No matter, it wasn't a ...
7 years ago 3
sleeve cap
I Just finished doing some major pattern alterations. The last one was that I added 1/2 inch to the back shoulder seam and took 1/2 inch from the front. My question is can I move the center dot for...
7 years ago 23