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not from Beverly
dolphin leotards are not from Beverly. trolls are really at it this week Not Beverly's email address. Juno
7 years ago 3
Dolphin Leotards
After being out of town for a few days for a wedding, I arrived home in time to finish the dolphin leotards. While out of town, we visited a marine science center, where I studied how dolphin fins wo...
7 years ago
Shared by a anti-spammer (totally OT for that group, but...): Rueful grin. B
7 years ago 1
Two more for My bed Not Polly
The post Two more from my bed is not the real Polly. A troll is at work. -- Ron Anderson A1 Sewing Machine 18 Dingman Rd Sand Lake, NY 12153
7 years ago 3
Two More for My Bed
Another cell phone photo, but it still looks good. My goal is to do a couple of bed-sized tops that can be pieced quickly so I can practice my machine-sewing skills. This...
7 years ago 1
Flash mob in PDX!
This is how we do it here: ;-)
7 years ago 3
Ping Ron again
A quite mad question. Sometimes I need to turn up a sleeve hem in a size 3 lb preemie gown. I use the #13 foot because it's as small as I have. I wonder what would work if we took a foot and made i...
7 years ago 2
PING @ Ron Anderson (OT)
Hello Ron, I always read in your signature that your address is Dingman Road. Do you know anything about the origin of that name? My dear old aunt, who isn't my real aunt, is named Dingemann, and h...
7 years ago 6
Sorry, Barbie one more time
I respectfully acknowledge that you all usually stitch more impressive garments than Barbie doll clothes. But - now and then there appears a little girl who NEEDS a happy. I mostly stitch quilts ...
7 years ago
doll clothes one more time
I wasn't expecting it to come by again. I made my own doll clothes. My baby sister's. Our daughters'. On and on. But. I thought we'd run out of girls who weren't more interested in horses or H...
7 years ago 4
Today I was watching my favorite General Hospital soap show on TV. They always show the latest in fashions and beautiful dresses. So one of the ladies stepped forward and the camera showed the bac...
7 years ago 19
Sewing from hell
I have just discovered the hard way the sewing fabric combination from hell. Leather waistcoat fronts with polyester satin lining!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remind me to say no next time. Unfortunately this is a ...
7 years ago 6
Doomed! We're aaalll DOOOOMED!
NEXT TIME I propose doing something this bonkers, just remind me WHY it is such a bad idea! 24 pattern pieces... And I didn't bother patterning the pockets! 53 cut out bits of cloth. This does in...
7 years ago 15
Need a Viking / Bernina translation
Any Vikings here who do 'fine' stitching? Not fine as in good, better, best - I mean delicate thin batiste. On my Bernina I can easily do a wee skinny fine edging - no turn under, just a carefully...
7 years ago 5
Ugh, a mess!
I just went downstairs to retrieve the iron so I could work up here on DSIL's kilt, and discovered that one of the shelves above the sewing machine, where I had: 8 shoeboxes of patterns, segregated by...
7 years ago 23