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New here
Hi! I found this board looking for the name of the fabric that you use inside lunch bags and cooler bags. Found it here. Thanks ladies! Learned how to sew when I was a teen. Haven't sewn in about 6 ...
7 years ago 2
Happy Easter!
To all of you who celebrate, a happy Easter, and to those who don't - enjoy the lovely spring Sunday. ;-) U.
7 years ago 9
OT my exciting week
Well, not sewing related at all, but I did download a pretty shawl pattern.... lol I made a flying run up to Indianapolis this past Monday. Tuesday my dad went in for knee replacement. He had th...
7 years ago 11
OT: Being silly
Didja hear about the fabric store that was having a yard sale? -- Joanne stitches @
7 years ago 2
Do you have any vintage uncut brdial gown patterns?
I was poking around, and found this site: I'm pretty sure I have some old 50s and 60s bridal gown patterns, I have my own in addition to my mothe...
7 years ago 2
-----Hi Can anyone please tell me how I am suppose to cut the shape of tulle to make a cascade style bridal veil? I have been online for days trying to find that info and all I can find is pictures...
7 years ago 1
Alteration success
We don't do special events very often but there's one coming up and I had to have a special. Found a lovely silk shirt. The matching skirt was 3 sizes too big. No problem. Flutey, swirly chiffon. ...
7 years ago 7
new to me online fabric store I found these guys on Facebook. ;) The site is easy to navigate, but it's not anything fancy. That's fine with me. I ordered:
7 years ago 14
Toyota 850 Sewing Backward
My Toyota 850 started embroidering backwards and I don't know how to fix it? ------------------------------------- -- +-----[ SERVER SIGNATURE ]---------------------+ | Delivered via http:/...
7 years ago 2
News from the 'evening gown front'
OK, I made up my mind: I'll use my well-tried tunic pattern for an undergown from storm grey taffeta with a kind of kimono-like overgown from a dotted (polyester) chiffon. Well, it's not polka dots,...
7 years ago 6
The Iron Report
Thought I'd better update everyone. lol I know you've been on pins and needles waiting to hear about the new iron.........or maybe you just need to sweep the sewing room floor.....but I digress. ...
7 years ago 2
I've got nothing to wear!
Well, I do, haven't we all? But I need a dress, preferably long, for the wedding of my DSIL's son and his partner in August. I thought about my wedding dress, but unfortunately I gained about 10 kg ...
7 years ago 6
Viking #1 help
I have a Viking #1. I have had it about 20 years now. It is a great machine. It has always been in a temperature contolled environment. And not exposed to sunlight. Just recently, I noticed abou...
7 years ago 2
Riccar / White model 888
Hi all ; I recently picked up a very clean Thrift Shop machine - wondering if anyone here ever had one - to comment on its quality and reliability. It's branded White Model 888 but I'm quite sure i...
7 years ago 9
Where to obtain fabric?
This is a bit of a long shot but I've just fitted some Dormatic seats to my Land Rover 110 Dormobile and I need a metre or so of fabric to recover my cubby box to match. It looks like this: http://...
7 years ago 2