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iron woes
Well, yet another iron is on the terminal list. I had a Shark for a couple years. Liked it a lot even though the steam burst button stopped working after about a year. I knew it was time to stop ...
7 years ago 5
Ok, ladies and gents, let's dish!
7 years ago 14
Mostly OT
Finished Therapy today for my knee. No Pain, no more cane, no more needing my very patient DH to walk up and downstairs with me. The change in the last two weeks has been unbelievable.Now I feel com...
8 years ago 12
Help needed!
I posted this one under another Ref. but perhaps that was a mistake and everybody thought I was recommending things. NO, I'm desperately looking for places! Here's the original: Hello Kate (and eve...
8 years ago
Squeezed in during the kilt-making
A couple of capes, donated to the Milwaukie High School class of '57 scholarship fund: -- Beverly
8 years ago 4
White Tie and Tails
Our latest project revealed! Complete with cat and happy piggies! -- Kate XXXXXX R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress o...
8 years ago 14
from Emily
Hey All, Emily asked me to share this with the group: "In case anyone on alt.sewing asks about me, please reply that I am unable to see them again. My DS is going to try getting them to come up on...
8 years ago 2
Woo hoo!
One (actually my third "real" hand-sewn) kilt down, fourth one to go. I am doing the final pressing now (awaiting the cooling of a section while I type). My DSIL will probably come over this weeke...
8 years ago 4
Report on Vogue 8747
Thought I'd report back on Vogue 8747 that I'd mentioned on the group a few months back. I'm pleased to report the pattern makes up well, and that the gathers over the bust are an addition to the pat...
8 years ago
Doggie Blankets
Goodness this is the 2nd day with no postings so far! I've been making Doggie Paw Print blankets since before Christmas----just making a few now and then. We haven't had many cold days down here i...
8 years ago 1
[OT] Curious Hummingbird
I have a two way intercom with motion activated security cameras, and much to my surprise, Saturday morning the camera was triggered by this: How funny! ;-) It also fi...
8 years ago 2
Just a sewing funny
My neighbor has two Yorkie puppies, double trouble. She was sitting on the floor cutting out some knit baby daygowns. After a while, she realized that her fabric weights were missing. You know - ...
8 years ago 4
6 fabrics
I am looking for 6 different fabrics to make a tactile cube as a baby toy. So far I have come up with: plain cotton corduroy polar fleece fur/plush fabric I could do with 2 other that feel differe...
8 years ago 7
Doll measurements
I am looking for a chart of measurements for the most common antique dolls I haven't found anything on the internet. Can anyone point me in the right direction? -------------------------------------...
8 years ago
upcoming project
Our horse trainer, Heidi, has a gorgeous AQHA 3 year old gelding that she is training to drive (ie pull a cart). The goal is to show him at the Quarter Horse Congress this october--the congress is on...
8 years ago 6