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Elna cam numbers
Hi All ; I thought I'd ask here before google searching - what does the small number mean - under the cam ID number ? I suspect it is a manufacturing " batch number " < ? > eg. cam 142 - ...
1 year ago
Hi! I have a JC Penney sewing machine 6984, I would love a manual or bobbin size
A manual would be amazing if anyone has access to emailing one. I at least need to know the bobbin size. The standard metal will not sit low enough to wind. Thank you so much, Robin JC Penney...
1 year ago 5
I'm rich ! :-)
< chuckle > For those not familar with the web site - Kijiji is a popular online classifieds site - like Craigslist. in Canada. John T.
1 year ago 4
brother exedra e-40
bonjour elle se desenfil souvent jai changer aiguille . verifiez les tensions .changer de fil mais toujours le meme probleme y a til une personne a qui cest arriver et a pu resoudre son probleme merci...
2 years ago 9
Do you ever...
...scroll through a high-end retailer's site, looking for inspiration, and every once come across something really interesting, such as: And then you look at the p...
2 years ago 1
You know that feeling....
... you get when you gleefully anticipate working on some lovely new fabric for a special occasion, and as you enter your sewing room you discover that stack of Christmas napkins you laundered and...
2 years ago 10
Re: Childrens pattern sizing
What question? Yes, pre-shrink the fabric exactly as the finished garment will be laundered (washer and dryer). Are you using the right size pattern?
2 years ago
Help.... Serger won?t make a chain.
Hello! I was sewing and my fabric got jammed. Like a newbie, I just pulled it out rather than cutting it out. Now my serger won?t serge! I?ve replaced the needle and re-threaded her with no luck....
2 years ago 3
Glue gun recommendations
Looking for some glue gun recommendations. Need the type that uses 11 mm glue sticks. I want a gun that does not leak all over the place like my last gun. Thanks, Andy
2 years ago 2
Coverlock stress
Yesterday's adventure. Janome 1000 CPX was working perfectly but I was about to start a new project so I decided to change the needles. The result of this move was skipping all over the shop. Var...
2 years ago 1
Better way of darning holes
I am looking for an easier way to repair holes in socks. There has got to be a better way than sewing the holes. Like maybe a flexible material that can be ironed over the hole? Thanks, ...
2 years ago 9
I have White superlock 534.Need GEARS not loopergear .are they available?
-- My serger seem to work fine .Itook it to shop several years ago and they told me its the gears needed But they are not made now .So wondering if they are available out there .Its a shame cause this...
2 years ago 1
Fabric shopping in China
We went to China for No 1 sons wedding part 2 and it was amazing, we landed back home on Friday so I am just aout getting back to normal. There were an amazing amount of costumes in total over 2...
2 years ago 3
A completed project
Well, not complete, because there are four more bras waiting for me to complete the casings and insert elastic, but I did hang up a finished bra yesterday. I noticed that it looks much prettier t...
2 years ago 6
Kenmore 385.196180
Just bought this machine at online Goodwill auction and she's a beauty! One thing it does not do is wind the bobbin. Everything else is working. These are the symptoms: put in bobbin and thread to w...
2 years ago 5