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burdastyle magazine 02/2010 issue?
Would anyone have this issue that they would like to sell me?? Pretty please?? Thank you! betsey
8 years ago 2
How many of you would have made this pattern and not matched the design at CF? Gag! -- Beverly
8 years ago 26
Happy Thanksgiving!
To all you U.S.A. sewists and sewist-wannabes, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! -- Beverly
8 years ago 4
finished an apron
This year for thanksgiving, we are going to my sister's house. Usually, Thanksgiving is at our house, but do to my dad's not great health, it will be easier for him at my sister's (shorter car ride an...
8 years ago
New usenet service
Hi all just wanted to try out this new service,, it is free and seems to work Happy Thanksgiving to you all -- Ron Anderson A1 Sewing Machine 18 Dingman Rd Sand Lake, NY 12153 http://www.a1...
8 years ago 7
An interesting pattern
While I was putting the first cup of coffee in my sleepy self, I saw a pattern sale at Vogue. For years, garment patterns for grownups have struck me as dismal but here's one that looks just like p...
8 years ago 6
Introducing myself
Hey there :) I'm a newbie! I'm a happily married (24 yrs) mother of three young men 21, 18 and 14. We live on a small farm in Western Pennsylvania with our 3 dogs ? cats and flock of free range ch...
8 years ago 9
<PING> Pogonip
Joanne, please check in, are you and yours OK? -- Beverly
8 years ago 3
Ping Ron Anderson the Success!
The serger foot control behaved for about 2 weeks. Just as I was turning the heel of a preemie-size pair of footed pajamas, it got contrary. I opened the foot control up. That was so easy I ask...
8 years ago 5
new to me sewing machine!
or, i should say, new to my home sewing machine. This will be a christmas present for Katie (now 17).... with college looming next fall, the idea of spending enough money to get her a decent sewing ...
8 years ago 5
I've noticed it other places besides Project Runway......where the zipper is sewn to the outside of the garment and becomes almost an adornment. Personally I think it looks like the poor schmuck just...
8 years ago 2
question about prewound bobbins
I have an old brother -- 7500, litttle brother -- ps300; bernina 185, and new brother quatro. Question -- pre wound bobbins, which ones can I use safely with which machine? choices are paper covered...
8 years ago 10
cutting out slippery fabric?
over the weekend, DS and I hit up TSWLTH....i had a 25% off coupon for the total sale, as well as irons being on sale for 25% a new rowenta! anyway, she picked out a simple looking dress Ne...
8 years ago 13
Actually used my serger today
I have a sweater I love. It has a few seams that have opened and needed some mending. I was hesitant to sew it on the serger because I wasn't sure how well I could see it. I had my first cataract re...
8 years ago 11
thread conditioner?
There's this nice container of wax that I use sometimes to make a hand-sewing thread behave. I also have Thread Heaven which might be a sort of silicone blob. Just now, I'm playing for longevity. ...
8 years ago 9