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Slaving in the Bling Mines!
Of frocks and crystals, and lots of green! -- Kate XXXXXX R.C.T.Q Madame Chef des Trolls Lady Catherine, Wardrobe Mistress of ...
8 years ago 11
Dressing the Stars
No, it's not me who's dressing them; the Bath Fashion Museum has an exhibition of 'best-of' movie costumes. Read about it in the same Burda Style that gave me the idea for my Kimono project. Oh, how...
8 years ago 2
Please Help with Antique Singer!
Hello! I recently became the owner of a beautiful Antique Singer. Serial Number G9152510, from 1910-1922. Model number 15188. Firstly, I cannot find a manual for this model number -anywhere-. The g...
8 years ago 3
<ping> Ursula
Did you get my e-mail? -- Beverly
8 years ago 2
Shorts are finished
I finished up the knee shorts for my DGD and gave then to her this afternoon. They are tan with dark brown stitching and embroidery on the front, and they fit perfectly! The next pair will need to...
8 years ago 6
Another idea
Uh, I'm a bit over the top these days; my success with the new tunic has obviously gone to my head. Anyway, I'm still thnking about the chiffon thing. Monika, the teacher, had her qualms about my idea...
8 years ago 6
First time sewing swimwear
When i sew the elastic on the waist and leg openings of the bikini bottom, the fabric shifts and my stitches end up crooked. What am I doing wrong? ------------------------------------- ##----...
8 years ago 3
Hi Kate, since I'm going to work with (crinkle) chiffon I thought I might look into your pages; you did a couple of floaties, I remember. However, 'Dressing Janneane' shows only seams that 'don't tak...
8 years ago 6
Dress Alert! (HELP!!!)
Help! I've got nothing to wear. And we've got tickets for the 100-year anniversary of the local painters' guild. And it's terribly posh, but I don't know if a cocktail dress will do or if it has to ...
8 years ago 5
It's done!
At the risk of frustrating Juno even more: Today I managed to finish the tunic! Right now it's hanging outside on the clothesline, freshly laundered to get rid of the starch, so that I may wear it t...
8 years ago 5
My ongoing coat saga
I'm still working on my coat. I warned you this might take forever but I'm not giving up. I started working with a redrawn pattern that I could sew together. All went well until I actually tried to...
8 years ago 12
Baby frock pattern wanted!
Baby needs frocks. I'll go 'shopping' in the stash, but I don't have many for newborns, and this'll be a tiddler. Expected birth weight at full term is about five and a half pounds. Anyone got a ...
8 years ago 11
singer feathereight bobbin winding problem
for some reason the knurled nob on the handwheel does not release the handwheel to wind my bobbin--i tried all sorts of attempts to release the handwheel to no avail--so in order for me to wind a bobb...
8 years ago 1
--i lost my Bernina v3 software is there any place you might be able to find this. i know it is old but i like useing this progan ---------------------------------- ##-------------------------...
8 years ago 3
singer featherweight bobbin out of synch
i had to take off the needle plate to clean the bobbin--when i replaced the needle plate making sure the position finger is in the grove of the needle plate--what now happens is the needle hits the to...
8 years ago 3